'Bachelor' Contestant Renee Oteri Is Pregnant Again & Her Life Without Juan Pablo Is Better Than Ever

As further proof that the Bachelor contestants are way better off without Juan Pablo, Renee Oteri is pregnant with her second child. Renee was one of the season's two mothers, and made it all the way to the Final Four before Juan Pablo sent her packing. At the time she was upset at the rejection, but it seems that ever since JP left her life things have only gotten better for Renee — something I can only assume is a common occurrence because he is terrible. First, Renee got engaged to the man who was her first kiss and had been her best friend for 22 years. Then, she went on to have a totally adorable, simple wedding ceremony. Now she and husband Bracy Maynard are preparing to have their first child together.

"Bracy is already paranoid—always checking in and making sure I’m okay. He’s in dad mode already!” Renee told People of her husband.

Renee's nine-year-old son Ben is also happy to have a sibling — provided it's a boy! "We just broke the news to Ben a couple days ago when we told our families," Renee told Us Weekly. "He's excited but only interested in a little brother!"

The couple doesn't yet know if Ben's wish will come true. "I keep calling her a she but we don’t know the sex yet," Renee admitted to People. "I can’t wait to find out.”

If Ben doesn't end up getting a brother this time around, he can keep his fingers crossed for the next one. That's right, Renee and Bracy are already planning on adding a third child to the mix. “We want more kids,” Renee said. “We’re going to try for another after this one!”

Sounds like everything is going well for the former Bachelor contestant. We bet she's thrilled Juan Pablo sent her home when he did because now her life is shaping up perfectly. Congratulations to the soon-to-be family of four!

Image: Renee Oteri/Instagram (2)