Katherine Heigl Answers This Important Question

After many reports that both Nancy Heigl and her actress daughter Katherine Heigl are difficult to work with in Hollywood, the romcom star has managed to avoid direct comments on whether or not the rumors are true. Instead, many people have been excited about Heigl’s return to TV with what appears to be a promising new show, State of Affairs. However, during a Television Critics Association panel that took place Sunday, Heigl finally revealed whether or not she’s difficult to work with after being pressed by one prying member of the press.

“Some stories in the entertainment press have indicated that she and her mother, an executive producer on the show, may be ‘difficult to work with,'” the journalist said, according to The Wrap. “But others have suggested that Hollywood is punishing Heigl with such a reputation because she is a woman who speaks her mind. Additionally, Heigl recently gave an interview in which she said her career was at one point out of her control. What’s really the truth?”

Obviously feeling awkward, Heigl didn’t immediately respond and executive producer Ed Bernero attempted to answer for her. However, the journalist stopped him and insisted that Heigl respond.

So the actress finally responded with a satisfying answer.

“I can’t really speak to that,” Heigl said. “I can only say that I certainly don’t see myself as difficult. I would never intend to be difficult. I don’t think my mother sees herself as being difficult… I think it’s important for everyone to conduct themselves professionally, respectfully, and kindly.”

Rather than attempting to answer the question by cunningly changing the subject, as many a politician (and even some celebrities) would do, Heigl responded without beating around the bush. Basically, she disagreed with the stories written about her in what was probably a pretty honest statement.

After all, there have probably been times when I’ve been difficult in a social setting and likely wouldn’t have admitted it in the moment or even thought I was being difficult at all based on my own perspective of the situation. So Heigl’s answer was quite reasonable and I have to commend her for being brave enough to take the heat in such a poised manner, when really, most of us would've been like this:

Image: gifwave