Brody Jenner met The Situation & It Will Make Your ‘The Jersey Hills’ Dreams Come True

It’s just plain unfair that television didn't give us a fusion of The Hills and Jersey Shore. While the divine glory of that culture shock train wreck was never aired, we have the next best thing. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino went on Brody Jenner’s podcast recently and the result was basically the crossover episode of The Hills and Jersey Shore that never was. Turns out, The Jersey Hills would probably have been a buddy comedy starring Brody Jenner and The Situation. Even if things with his step family are super weird, Jenner will always have a place at the Sorrentino's family table. Actually, that may be just as awkward.

As we learn from the podcast, a crossover of the two former shows was this close to actually happening. Drats! If only these two could've spent more time together making friendship bracelets and smuggling thermoses of Ron Ron Juice into Les Deux. Funny enough, Brody was approached to be on an episode of the Jersey Shore when it was first blowing up. Jenner reminisces about hosting a party in Atlantic City and being asked to come on an episode of the show, which he deflected because there were too many logistics to organize. It seems like it was his polite-ish way of saying he wasn’t interested in doing it. Jenner is a diplomat, after all. He says,

They asked me, they were like ‘Yo, you gotta come on this new show. It’s this new show, Jersey Shore. And I was like, I gotta talk to my this, my that… And after it all, these kids became the next biggest thing on this entire planet. Jersey Shore was the greatest thing to ever hit television.

That’s right, Jersey Shore was the greatest thing to hit television, second only to the live broadcast of the moon landing. To further the lovefest, Sorrentino answers this assessment with his own ingratiating comments. Please, can someone explain to me why Mike was never on Brody’s friend-competition show Bromance.

It turns out that when Sorrentino was approached to do the Jersey Shore, MTV casting officials presented the show to him as “The Hills for the east coast.” No, I are absolutely, 100 percent not joking.

We had to pay homage ot the kids that came before us, which was The Hills… The way they approached me, when I first was discovered… They said ‘we want a show that’s like The Hills, but for the East Coast.'

Nothing but love and creative respect in this room, folks. One of the other things that I learned is that Brody Jenner and The Situation would make a great pair of workout buddies. Jenner has nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Sorrentino’s devotion to the gym, and is not bashful about that fact. Much in the same way that some women compliment each other on their clothing, Brody showers praise on Mike and his Adonis-like body. “You guys are, like, on another level of buff.” Mike was likely moved to tears of happiness.

Basically, Brody really wants to be The Situation’s best friend at summer camp, and his courtship is a massive success. Think of all the fun they'll have together creeping on girls and performing guest DJ sets together. Check the full podcast out below. Is it just me, or does anybody else smell a concept for a new show entirely?

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