Prince William Isn't Bald on 'Vanity Fair' Cover & That's Not Cool — PHOTO

As a society, we're sadly accustomed to magazines doctoring up celebrity photos to make their hideous faces, bodies, and hair look somewhat presentable. (Ugh, imagine what Angelina Jolie must look like without Photoshop? Shudder!) But save for Justin Bieber's CoverGirl moment, usually it's women who are the victims of slimmer waistlines, clearer skin, and fuller lips, courtesy of the touch of a mouse. Not in Vanity Fair's new issue. Prince William and Kate Middleton are on VF 's August cover in honor of Prince George's first birthday, and something is glaringly...different about the Duke. Dude's got a head full of long, flowing locks. Alright, so perhaps I'm being a bit hyperbolic. Will's hair isn't flowing in the photo, but it's noticeably filled in. What up with that, VF? We love Prince William just the way he is. He's charming, smart, has the perfect amount of cheekiness, seems like a great dad. Oh, yeah: And he's a freaking prince. I think we all can handle a little bald spot on the guy, just like we can handle waists that aren't impossibly narrow on women. Really, we're big girls.

Though I suppose the weird silver lining is that, for once, a male was airbrushed more than a woman on a magazine cover. Could be a first. Wonder if any discussions were had over whether or not to thin out Prince George's face or elongate his adorable little arms. You laugh, but would you really be surprised?

Images: Vanity Fair