'Big Brother' Beardo Donny Is Playing The Best Physical & Social Games In Season 16

There are a few standout Big Brother players this far into this season. Derrick, the cop and outgoing Head of Household, has an extremely strong game, manipulating and controlling a lot of what is going on in the house. Frankie, Ariana Grande’s brother, who is king of the social game, is friends with everyone in the house, and always tells the other houseguests what they want to hear. And then there is Big Brother's bearded sweetheart Donny, America’s favorite player, who, as a person, can do no wrong in my eyes. But it turns out, Donny, as a player, is playing a pretty damn good game this far, as well.

At first, I thought Donny was just this adorable man who could imitate crickets and befriend even the most opposite people in the house, like now evicted DJ Paola Shea. But then, Donny goes and wins his second Power of Veto, and I’m like, “Whoa, where is this badass competitor coming from?” And it turns out, Donny is also talking game, too, when he isn’t saving his friends from eviction (like Jocasta this week). And unlike some of the other houseguests, Donny is doing it slyly, and not talking too much that it will get him in trouble.

Donny notices how strong of a game Derrick is playing this far, and is starting to plant the seed in other player’s heads that he is a threat, at least that’s what I think he is doing intentionally. In addition to bringing attention to Derrick’s game, Donny has also realized that having Amber and Caleb in the house together makes for a dangerous game.

He also realizes how awful Caleb can be.

As we saw on Tuesday’s POV episode, Donny won his second Veto — beating out Caleb and Devin for the title — proving he is not only a strong mental player but also a competitor. He seems to have the perfect balance of stamina for the physical competitions and brains for the mental aspect of the competitions. But as any good player of Big Brother does, Donny doesn’t let on that he is a strong competitor, potentially allowing him to go all the way and win the $500,000.

Images: CBS; I AM VEGAS/Tumblr