Why Is 'Big Brother' Victoria On the Show? She's Not Even a Floater at This Point

We're at that point in a season of Big Brother where you've finally learned all of the houseguests names (it takes a little while to get past "That dumb guy... no, that other dumb guy"), you're rooting for someone (Donny! Donny! Donny!), and you're invested in at least once showmance (we're pulling for you crazy kids, Hayden and Nicole). Season 16 of Big Brother is well under way and it is quickly establishing itself as one of the more enjoyable seasons of the CBS reality series (well, now that Devin is gone) thanks to its entertaining cast. Well, maybe with the exception of Victoria Rafaeli.

While her castmates have established themselves as threats or fan favorites, Victoria can hardly even be considered a floater at this point. At least, not a floater with some sort of strategy, such as being in the right place at the right time like Christine. Heck, even her housemates forget about her (Hayden quite literally asked what her name is) until faced with the prospect of having to share a bedroom with her. She occasionally drops by the backyard to don a bikini and had a very short-lived "friendship" with Frankie during the first episode, but mostly she's just bad at the challenges and is put up against much bigger targets. And, honestly, that still doesn't tell us much about the 22-year-old photographer Brooklyn native that Brittany really doesn't want to be compared to.

In her Big Brother bio, Victoria (who is one of the few Big Brother 16 contestants without a Twitter page, which means even less of a social media presence for self-promotion) describes herself as "exotic, bold and empowered" and said that her strategy to win this season is to "manipulate people with my looks; I am very strategic and always get what I want." Sure, she may have gotten the guys to turn their heads in the backyard, but those "manipulation" tactics didn't do her much good playing chess or trying to move an egg through chicken wire.

On paper, Victoria looks like she's destined to become reality television royalty, so it's easy to see why Big Brother chose her. She's beautiful, she occasionally spouts out soundbites like "I'm too pretty to blackout," and she seems to have a flair for the dramatics. (Sadly, she's not even the best crier of the bunch this season. That's all Jocasta.)

Still, for a season that isn't skin deep — these people are in it to play — Victoria's strategy likely won't get her much further. Of course, that tide could turn in her favor if she uncovers Frankie's connection to his sister Ariana Grande and she uses that big piece of information to her advantage.

Images: CBS