The 'Big Brother' Guys Better Watch Out

The guys in this season of Big Brother are kind of the worst, aren't they? Well, they're at least treating Amber pretty badly, and being the smart and strong woman that she is, she definitely deserves better. During Sunday night's episode of Big Brother , Frankie put Amber and Jocasta on the block. Frankie explained to Amber that it's not his intention for her to go home this week, and she would just be acting as a pawn, but sometimes pawns go home. Frankie's intention to console Amber pretty much backfired on him, and now she's mad. This is good, because the way the guys have been treating Amber this season, she should be mad as hell.

First of all, creepy Caleb has been incredibly possessive of Amber ever since he decided he has a crush on her. Even though Caleb has made sure to let Amber — and basically everyone else — know that he has the hots for her, flirting with her and even volunteering to throw the Battle of the Block competition to ensure her safety in the house last week, Amber is just not that into him. Despite recent attempts by Amber to distance herself from Caleb and his "romantic gestures," the rest of the house couldn't help but still see Amber and Caleb as not only a pair, but a threatening power couple. With the seed planted that Caleb would do anything Amber tells him to, Amber now has to work extra hard to convince the others they should keep her in the house.

Back in Week 2 when Amber was HoH along with Devin, she unfortunately didn't use her power in the house wisely. Both were members of "The Bomb Squad," although Devin was clearly running the show. Devin basically controlled all of the nominations that week, telling Amber to put up Nicole and Hayden, whom he later tips off that they're getting nominated without talking to Amber about it at first. Luckily, Amber now knows she was in the wrong, and during this week's HoH competition, she was eager to win to reign as HoH on her own terms.

Unfortunately, Amber didn't end up winning HoH this week, and she was at the mercy of Cody and Frankie. In another string of bad luck, she missed out on a meeting with other former "Bomb Squad" members Cody, Frankie, Zach, Christine, and Derrick, who decided to form a new five-person alliance, with Zach initiating the whole thing. Just like that, the only thanks Amber received for her loyalty to the alliance was to get kicked out of what has become known as "The Detonators."

However, the silver lining to all of this is that everyone knows Amber is a physical threat. This week's Team America challenge was to get someone who is perceived as a physical threat nominated, and Frankie chose Amber as the lucky winner. It also would've been nice of Amber's supposed best friend in the house Cody to protect her from getting nominated this week, but it looks like that would've been too much for him.

And then Amber went and showed everyone just how much of a threat she is. She checked in with Christine to basically say that she wants to play dirty like the guys and be tight with Christine and Nicole to take them all out. Amber won the whole Battle of the Block competition to take herself and Jocasta off the block, just as she helped Donny do last week. They say, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and I predict Amber is coming back with a vengeance, just like she should.

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS; nedskalantar, son-ofa-mumford/Tumblr