The Season is Over, But Are They Still Together?

by Laura Rosenfeld

While we've seen many relationships form and become stronger on Little Women: LA, there was one couple that seemed to have a rocky road to Tuesday night's season finale. It's been a rough year for Little Women: LA 's Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo, her boyfriend of many years. In typical reality TV fashion, we've seen the ups and downs of their relationship play out in great detail before our eyes every week.

Terra seemed concerned all season that her relationship with Joe was crumbling. For Terra, one of her main issues in the relationship was that she and Joe didn't spend enough time together, even though they lived with each other. When Terra was home and wanted some couple time with Joe, he was packing to go on tour with his band. The other problem was that Terra felt a lack of support from her boyfriend. Joe told Terra, totally unprovoked, to "Eat shit" at her "Booty Bee" music video shoot, and he didn't defend her when she confronted Trevore about his lack of compliments for her "homie from another gnomie," Tonya Banks, at the shoot. For much of the season, it seemed like the two were just on completely different wavelengths.

Tuesday night's finale will feature Christy McGinity's much-anticipated wedding with Todd Gibel, and the preview to the episode shows Terra's desire to get a ring herself. But will Joe be the guy to do it? It looks like he could be because, according to Terra's social media accounts, she and Joe are still together. We can all breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that reality TV hasn't torn another couple a part.

Deep down, it seems like Terra and Joe love each other, and it would be a shame to deprive the world of all of their adorable Instagram pics if they broke up.

Here are Terra and Joe hanging out with loved ones. Hopefully it only looks like that Siberian Husky is attacking Terra.

They seem to love goofing off with Traci Harrison and her fiance Erik Tsou, even off-camera.

What's a day at the ballpark without a little optical illusion fun?

Joe... is it Terra you're looking for?

And just them. These two can really pull off a glamour shot, can't they?

One can only hope the Season 2 finale of the recently renewed Little Women: LA will end with Terra and Joe's wedding.

Images: terrajole/Instagram (5)