A Selena Gomez Lifestyle Blog Is a Thing That Needs to Happen

Sorry, Jelena loyalists — it looks like we're officially at the end of an era. According to HollywoodLife, Justin Bieber and Yovanna Ventura are officially dating — and have been in secret for the past five months. The site reports that the Biebs is so into Yovanna, an 18-year-old Miami-based model whom Justin met over Instagram (who is he, James Franco?!) that he's already written a song about her.

While I'm sure that this news won't be easy for Selena to digest (there's nothing fun about hearing that your ex is dating someone new), I'm convinced that she dodged a huge bullet by avoiding a reunion with Justin. Since Selena and Justin's mini-reunion earlier this year, the celebrity news circuit has focused on the Jelena drama instead of Selena's more recent career ventures.

Selena's a rising star, and now that the Biebs is out of the picture (frolicking on the beach with his new girlfriend, no doubt) Selena has a whole bunch of free energy and time to spend working on herself. The sky's the limit, Selena — it's time to wash that boy out of your hair by focusing on some cool new projects. Here are some suggestions:

Start a lifestyle blog

I want Selena to tell me about the benefits of a juice cleanse and of purchasing a $1,550 ring with the word rad on it. I want Selena's opinions on the best recipe for butter cookies as well as the reasons why I should never eat butter or cookies ever again. I want this for her, but I also want this for me.

Join the cast of the sequel to Spring Breakers

It's a thing that's actually happening: Spring Breakers is getting a sequel. Though Selena's role in the film was supposed to shed her Disney-made image, Selena's role in Spring Breakers was far tamer than the roles taken on by fellow child-friendly stars Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens. The second time around, Selena could go even more extreme with her part in the film.

Star in a YA Adaptation

Rumor has it that Selena may star in the adaptation of Jay Asher's YA novel Thirteen Reasons Why , which began pre-production in 2011. But since the film seems stuck in pre-production, Selena may want to jump on the YA bandwagon while she's still YA-eligible. She'd be the perfect fit for the lead in the I. Marlene King–penned project The Mercilesssomeone call her agent.

Throw Herself Into (Even More) Charity Work

Selena isn't just an actress/singer/fashion designer — Selena was named an ambassador for UNICEF in 2009 and has worked hard to support the charity. Selena could spend her non-Bieber days helping others — perhaps by organizing a major charity event to raise money for the organization.

Collaborate With an Amazing Artist (Read: Beyoncé)

You know you've made it when you can share a mic with Beyoncé or someone of equal awesomeness. Selena's definitely held her own as a solo artist (what can I say, "Slow Down" is pretty damn catchy), but lately it seems that every artist does some of their best work by teaming up with others. A Selena/Beyoncé duet would be mind-blowing. Make it happen.

Nab an indie film role.

Want to be taken seriously as an actress? Indie films are your way to go. Go get your Oscar buzz, girl — in time, you'll forget all about whatshisface.

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