Zac Efron & Robert Pattinson Had a Guys' Night Out Because Troy Bolton & Edward Cullen Would Be BFFs

In an event that will surely go down in teeny bopper history, two of the biggest heartthrobs of the modern teen generation actually hung out together. That's right: Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson had a guys night out in Hollywood and who knew that Troy Bolton and Edward Cullen even knew each other? Okay, so Robert Pattinson is more than just Edward Cullen and Zac Efron has gotten hotter (and more frequently shirtless) than he ever was during his High School Musical days, but so what? Imagining Troy Bolton and Edward Cullen being best friends fills the eternal teenager within me with glee. Besides, Edward could always use more friends and Troy can never have enough.

According to E! Online, Efron and Pattinson hung out at a place called Bootsy Bellows, just lounging in the VIP room, along with a friendly game at Pinz Bowling Alley and a bonus appearance from Efron's rumored girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez. "Zac was seen goofing around and Rob was not even trying, skipping his turn at one point. When they left some of the friends smoked cigarettes, while they all just laughed and talked," an eye witness told E!. "...Rob and Zac both looked good and happy. Rob showed Zac something on his cell phone and they both started laughing. They were in really good moods."

Besides spending all my time wishing I was one of the five other people in their group of seven, I can't help but wonder how this man date would have gone down if Edward Cullen and Troy Bolton had been the ones running it.

First, they'd have to say goodbye to their true loves.

Obviously Edward would drive the Volvo.

Troy could get them into a country club.

But Edward would want to play baseball instead of basketball.

Troy would want to sing about losing the game.

So Edward would play the piano for him.

Troy would ask him what it's like to be married with a kid already.

Edward would tell him that he and Gabriella will find out one day, because he's a total Troy and Gabby shipper.

Troy would sing yet another song about it.

Edward would wonder why he even tries hanging out with teenagers.

But he and Bella would still come to Troy and Gabby's wedding.

Because he and Troy are bros for life.

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