Her Daughter's More Popular Than She Is

by Quinn Keaney

ATTENTION WORLD: On the date of July 23, the little bundle of sunshine and perfection known to the world as North West took her first steps (which were no doubt taken in mini Louboutins, but I digress). To celebrate, "Nori" made yet another appearance on momma Kim Kardashian's crazy popular Instagram account. Even though K-Squared is known for producing the most widely varied collection of duck faces and selfies in the history of Instagram, each time North's itty-bitty face makes an appearance on Kim's account — which is followed by 16.3 MILLION people, by the way — the images rack up the likes in no time. North West is practically catnip to Kardashian "dolls," and it's pretty obvious why — she's fabulous. I mean, she had her own version of Coachella! How is that even a thing?!

Anyway, since it's pretty safe to say everyone has seen enough of Kim Kardashian's bikini-clad selfies for a lifetime, it's time to make a change. It's time to give the people what they really want, Kim, and what the people really want is North. Your butt may be big, but your daughter's level of adorable is off the charts, so consider this a formal petition to tone down the selfies, and turn up the Northies. Yes, it's awkward that your daughter is so much more popular than you, but the evidence speaks for itself!

Exhibit A

The super-cute picture Kim most recently uploaded of North shortly after she took her first steps: 1.11m.

Kim's bikini selfie: 550k

Exhibit B

Kanye and North rocking matching gray onesies: 1.81m

Kim's other bikini selfie: 848k

Exhibit C

North looking 4x better than any of us ever will: 1.69m

Kim's luxurious blanket selfie: 600k

Exhibit D

Kourtney Kardashian's adorable daughter Penelope holding cousin Nori: 1.51m

Kim's blonde (and slightly nipply) selfie: 733k

Exhibit E

North looking at everyone like, "OMG GET ME OUT OF THIS FRILLY DRESS, SO NOT CHIC": 1.49m

Kim's looking at the side of a pool wall like, "OMG MY BUTT THO" selfie: 653k

Exhibit F

North holding a ring like the fly baby she is: 1.1m

Kim's wearing-the-same-ring-but-looking-not-nearly-as-fly-selfie: 564k

Exhibit G

North smiling down on Kim because she knows she'll forever be cuter: 1.57m

Kim's rolling-in-wet-sand-because-she's-not-vain-at-all selfie: 588k

Exhibit H

North looking like the most beautiful burrito that's ever been made: 1.34m

Kim's looking-like-one-of-the-most-vain-people-that's-ever-existed selfie: 431k

Exhibit I

Just look at that smiling face! S'cute: 1.61m

Kim's other other bikini selfie: 572k

Exhibit J

North being all, "Mom, stop! No more selfies!": 1.51m

Kim's look-how-cool-my-contouring-is selfie: 379k

Exhibit K

North & Kanye. Nuff said: 1.28m

Kim's I-can't-believe-someone-trusted-me-to-fly-a-plane selfie: 563k

Come on, Kim. Do the right thing!

Images: Getty Images; Kim Kardashian/Instagram (11)