35 Things Only Drama Club Kids Understand, Starting With The Pain Of Being Typecast

It's no secret that there is a clear caste system in high school. And close to the bottom of the proverbial barrel, in most people's opinions, are the drama club kids. Drama club kids are often a misunderstood breed. They're mistaken for being nerdy, weird, and just way too obsessed with Wicked to function in everyday life. But the reality is drama club kids are some of the most talented kids you'll ever encounter.

Though I have since hung up my character shoes, I was a misunderstood drama kid for a majority of my life. I stayed up until all hours of the night rehearsing at school — and even attended a theatre school on my off-hours because I just couldn't get enough. I learned that people don't always get your hobby, and may even laugh that you prefer to work out to the Legally Blonde soundtrack over Top 40.

But being a drama club kid has also taught me to not care one bit about these stereotypical assumptions. People are just jealous that they can't belt a high C while nailing a double pirouette while acting. Whether you were once a drama kid — or still are one — we're a pretty damn awesome group, and there are plenty of things that only we can understand. Things like...

There was always drama-related drama

...Most of it highly incestuous

because The theatre world is EXTREMELY small

Everyone knows everyone, so you better play nice in case you ever do a show with someone who knows someone who knows someone.

You have a thick skin from having been told "No" all the time

and you learned how to pick yourself up and keep auditioning early on

Speaking of, auditions gave you extreme anxiety

And call-backs were even worse

So naturally, you went into hiding until the cast list came out

And you either got typecast

Great, another year of playing the bimbo!

Or you got the part you wanted!


Your director always reminded you that "there are no small parts, only small actors"

When rehearsal started, your social life was officially over

And "I can't, I have rehearsal" became your motto

you know that "Voice envy" is an actual thing

You cared more about studying lines than you did studying for midterms

and Summers were spent rehearsing in a sweltering room for 8 hours a day

the phrase "Do It Again" brings back fond (and excruciating) memories

Instead of spring break, you had Hell Week

"Are we having fun?" was always your director's favorite phrase...

Which was the best and worst week of the semester

you learned that being able to bust out a double pirouette while nailing a harmony is no easy feat

And you were able to do it all with a smile on your face.

and that Theatre Moms are even worse than Dance Moms

Getting costumes was the best

And most of them are still hanging in your closet

Your friends love to raid your closet come Halloween.

even if you're since quit auditioning, some things haven't changed

You certainly haven't lost your dramatic flair.

like, You still have more DVDs of shows you were in than you do movies

And you force your friends to watch them on occasion.

You still have zero boundaries from doing constant costume changes

and Patti Lupone, Idina Menzel, and Kristin Chenoweth are still your idols

The Tony's is the only award show that really matters to you

and All your signed playbills are still hanging on your wall

Which is obviously all your playbills because Stage Dooring a show is mandatory.

Your iPod is a mix of all your favorite musicals

and you still dream of playing that one role that was made for you

And you'll keep auditioning for it no matter how many times you're told no.

No matter how long ago you did a show, you still know all the choreography and harmonies...

...And occasionally bust them out at parties

most of all, no matter what, you know that you'll never lose your passion for performing

because being a drama kid isn't a hobby. it's a lifestyle.

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