9 Life Lessons Frankie Grande Taught Us With His Awesome Outfits on 'Big Brother' — PHOTOS

All eyes are on Frankie Grande during this season of Big Brother for more reasons than one. It's not just that Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother or that Frankie's social game is so strong he's beloved in and out of the house (most of the time, anyway). Frankie's got all the charm, all the charisma, and all the fashion sense that makes him one of the big players to watch on season 16. Even if he wasn't a fan of well-constructed, brightly colored outfits that no one else could look that good in, we'd still be able to pick Frankie out of a crowd thanks to his bleach blond, pink-tipped hair. Everything about Frankie screams "look at me!" and that's a good thing because we can't keep our eyes off him.

However, Frankie's clothes do a lot more than just show off his flamboyantly entertaining personality. In fact, they're teaching you hidden lessons that you didn't even realize that you were absorbing while you watch. Every time Frankie is on our screen with his pink shirts and neon shorts, we are learning, you guys. What are we learning? Well, here are nine great life lessons that we've picked up from Frankie's clothes.

1. Sometimes you and your crush can be color coordinated.

Frankie's bromance/showmance/whatevermance with Zach Rance takes center stage whenever most people are talking about him and it's not hard to see why. After all, they're adorable together. Perhaps as a natural extension of spending so much time together, it's not uncommon to see Frankie and Zach walking around the house in color-coordinated outfits, because nothing says romance like matching. (Though not to the Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake denim level we're all trying to forget from 2001.)

2. Everything in life can be improved with a fancy hat.

Got an outfit that needs spicing up? Hell, got a life event that needs spicing up? Nothing improves a situation like having a fancy hat on your head. Frankie donned this one in order to bring coffee around to all of the house guests and it certainly put a smile on my face. Frankie's good at keeping the spirits up in the house and making everyone laugh and sometimes that starts with headgear.

3. Always be an original.

When you're trying to make sure the different patterns and colors on your clothes match, how do you go about it? I bet very few out there are saying that they always make sure that their pants match their shirt pocket. However, that kind of out-of-the-box thinking is what makes Frankie such an original and we'd all do well to learn that fashion (and life) isn't always about following the crowd.

4. Never be afraid to be the ultimate fan.

If you don't own a shirt with BB stitched on it, then isn't about time that you make one? Frankie donned this outfit for the night that Big Brother finally allowed the house guests to start drinking alcohol and he's been a self-confessed Big Brother fan for years, so it makes sense that he would want to display his love for the show with his clothes. Remember: There is no such thing as loving a show too much, got it?

5. Spend every day shining bright like a Frankie.

Aside from "go Grande or go home", "shine bright like a Frankie" is one of Frankie's favorite catch phrases. What better way to show that than with a glittering, sparkling hoodie that makes it impossible for him to go anywhere without, well, shining bright like a Frankie? The rest of his outfit was all black so as not to draw attention away from his glittering top because you shouldn't let anything upstage you when you're busy sparkling bright.

6. Never be afraid to take risks.

I never really thought that neon was dead, but there's no changing the fact that Frankie incorporates more of it into his outfit than most people do in a life time. And he makes it work. Neon might be considered a bold choice for most people and highlighter yellow is my least favorite neon color, but somehow Frankie always makes it look good. Never be afraid to take risks with your clothes or with life, guys, because you never know if you can pull it off until you try.

7. Old fashioned is the best fashion.

Tie dye went the way of the free love and hippie culture, but it's never been completely gone — especially when summer rolls around. It should come as no surprise that Frankie would love bright retro looks like this one considering Ariana Grande's aesthetic for "Problem" was an old school go-go dancer, but it still does lend credit to the idea that there's a lot we can learn about the past. When it comes to fashion or otherwise.

8. Sometimes the simple approach is the best approach.

It's easy to fall into the trap that everything in life has to be flashy and overcomplicated, but sometimes it's better to take things slow and keep things simple. Sometimes, Frankie's clothes aren't anything more eye catching than a sleeveless shirt and shorts and he still looks great in it. Next time you start thinking that everything you do has to be attention-grabbing, remember that the straightest path to getting something done is just as, if not more, effective.

9. Have a memorable outfit ready for those memorable moments.

I know for a fact that I'm never going to be able to get these jeans out of my head until I get a pair of my own, but there's a good chance that Frankie won't forget this outfit either since it's what he was wearing on the live feeds when Zach admitted Friday night to being a little bit in love with him too. If you think you're about to have a special moment of your own, it doesn't hurt to have a special outfit on for the occasion. When you tell the story to your children, do you really want to have to leave out that you were wearing sweatpants and a shirt with a hole in it?

Image: CBS; BB_Updates/Twitter; caltoru4hoh, alwayyszankie/Tumblr