Frankie Grande's Control Over the 'Big Brother' House Is Starting to Work Against Him

It seems like Frankie's reign as HoH isn't going as smoothly as he thinks. He hasn't even been replaced as HoH by the next two house guests yet and there's already talk of putting Frankie up for eviction in the next couple of weeks. Of course, the designated targets to get rid of first are Caleb and Amber by popular vote, but it seems like the Big Brother house guests are getting fed up with Frankie's social game and the control that it allows him to exert over everyone. Every time we start to think that Frankie Grande is untouchable in the Big Brother house, the game goes out of its way to prove us wrong.

Don't get me wrong. If anyone has shown the potential to win this entire competition, it's Frankie Grande. Not only is he friendly with everyone, but he's proven time and time again that he can backstab whoever he wants and they will still somehow continue to love him. He knows exactly who to latch onto to carry him through a week, exactly when to open his mouth and when to keep it shut, and he can tell five different people five different stories without any of them comparing notes. At this point, Frankie sleeps in the HoH room more often than the actual HoH of the week does.

However, just because he's getting away with it for now doesn't mean he's not a target. There are other players in the house who are bigger threats than Frankie is — mostly because they're visibly unpredictable or visibly hard to work with. Caleb and Amber, unfortunately for them, count under that heading. Caleb plays his entire game around how he's feeling about Amber on any given day and Amber's game is tainted by Caleb's feelings to the point that she couldn't even make other male friends in the house without Caleb eye-stalking her for a week.

Everyone in the house has their eyes on bigger prizes than Frankie and it could be some time before opinion completely turns against him. Currently, Frankie is probably the best loved player in the house after Donny and, of the two, he is the only one that has never gone up on the block to fight to stay in the house. Once Caleb and Amber are gone, how long is it going to take for that to change? When Zach was still HoH, he went around the house trying to nominate people who had never been on the block before instead of the same old choices. How long will it be until another HoH decides to choose their nominations that way?

We might be the only ones who can see all of the strings that Frankie is tugging on, but the other house guests are waking up to his status as a puppet master and that's going to hurt his game if he doesn't start to lay low. The neutral game might work when there's a large number of players around to pick each other off, but as the house gets emptier and emptier it's going to be a lot easier for people to pick up on what Frankie is doing. I was hoping it would happen later rather than sooner, but Frankie might have to hope that his friends (like Zach) are more loyal to him than he has been to them.

Image: caltoru4hoh/Tumblr