Their Grandfathers Were Honored by the Houseguests

It has been a difficult week in the Big Brother house. Two of the houseguests, Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur, both lost their grandfathers only days apart. Frankie, Ariana Grande's brother, held a eulogy for his grandfather during Big Brother After Dark on Wednesday evening, the same night he was informed of his grandfather's passing. Derrick learned about his grandfather's passing on Friday night, just 24 hours after throwing the Head of Household competition to Frankie so he could receive pictures of his grandfather from his family.

It is all very sad news. But both of the houseguests have every intention to stay in the game and play their hardest, in honor of their lost family members. Frankie's grandfather even told his family before his passing that he wanted Frankie to remain in the house and win the game. But just because the houseguests are removed from their families doesn't mean they can't celebrate the lives of their grandfathers. On Sunday night during Big Brother After Dark, Jocasta, a Baptist minister, held a service in honor of both Derrick and Frankie's grandfathers.

Jocasta started off by stating that it wasn't a mourning, but instead a celebration of their grandfathers' lives. Derrick's grandfather was 86 and Frankie's grandfather was 90. Jocasta thanked everyone for the support they showed during the tough week. Frankie started with a prayer, and then Jocasta allowed each man to speak briefly on their grandfathers. Derrick explained that his grandfather passed away in his sleep, next to his wife Rhea of more than 50 years. He went on to say that although his grandfather was quiet, he loved his family more than anything.

Frankie told a story about his grandfather's early career. He explained through the story of his grandfather redesigning a light structure for safety reasons, that he learned to never give up, beat all obstacles, never take no for an answer, and always continue to fight. That's why he isn't going anywhere, he said. Jocasta then called on the houseguests to support the two men in anyway they may need. She asked Hayden and Christine to make them laugh, asked Cody to be a shoulder to lean on, Caleb to give them the word of God in anyway he can, and Donny and Nicole to bring lightness when Derrick or Frankie may feel in the dark. Jocasta then allowed the houseguests to go around and speak individually to Frankie and Derrick, offering their condolences and support anyway they can.

All of the houseguests comments were sweet; Hayden explained how they weren't alone during this tough time, and Caleb said that he has two shoulders for a reason, one for each of them to cry on. I didn't get chocked up until Donny stood up to give his words of support. Although he kept his thoughts short, he got up, shook both Frankie and Derrick's hands and said, "I just want you two guys to know that I love you guys like brothers. You both will be in my prayer." Cue tears.

It was a really sweet moment for the entire house, and a great break from all of the drama. Our thoughts are with both of the families.

Image: CBS