How To Dress Like A Mizzou Student

So you're going to the University of Missouri! First of all, congratulations. I'm probably biased because Mizzou is my alma mater, but it's also a place full of extreme school spirit, support for your fellow peers, beautiful buildings, unique classes and spaces for so many different kinds of student interested in a wide variety of things. Inadvertently, it's also home to some awesome college fashion staples — most of which are focused on function over style. Sure, you might be holding on to summer break, but you should be getting excited about what's to come.

If you're new on campus you might not recognize the difference between the Geological Sciences building and Gannett Hall just yet, but you'll probably see the seasonal fashion trends that are utilized by the majority of Mizzou students right away. Starting a new school can be scary. Moving to a new town away from your friends, family and comfort is even scarier. Wondering about the fashion trends or what you'll need in your closet to get by while away at school can be downright overwhelming. Mizzou is a welcoming place, but there are some things you should expect to see around campus, and some more that you should seriously consider investing in.

The Fashion: Spirit Jersey

Spirit Jerseys got their start at MU circulating the greek community. It's basically an oversized long-sleeved cotton jersey with dropped, retro puffed sleeves that spells out your favorite team, organization, town, or whatever you want across your shoulders. At first it seems a little dated, but the cozy tops are super comfortable and are pretty huge on college campuses in general, but especially Mizzou. If you're going through sorority rush, you'll probably be filling out a group order for a spirit jersey swiftly after you accept your bid. They typically cost around $50, but prices vary on customization and group order size. Now spirit jersey's aren't just for organizations though, and Mizzou sells them in The Mizzou Store, the bookstore in the student center.

The Function: Rain boots

Missouri isn't exactly known for its rainy days, but it should be. If you're on campus and have an important meeting or interview, there's probably a 50 percent chance of rain. You'll forget to wear these durable rain boots during that surprise torrential downpour in April, but will definitely remember them come May when there's a 95 percent chance of rain but it only sprinkles for 15 minutes. The rest of the afternoon when the temperature climbs to 90, however, will serve as a personal sauna for your calves and feet.

The Fashion: Tiger ears

If you've ever watched a Mizzou football game on TV or if you've been lucky enough to attend one before, you've probably seen people by the masses wearing these simple and adorable tiger ears. The look might look a little silly now, but after your first game or your first tailgating session, these will start to seem like a simple headband. Paired with a tiger tail clipped to your dress or jeans, and you'll give Truman the Tiger a good run for his money.

The Function: Bean boots

Just like the buckets of springtime rain that tends to pour in Columbia, with winter comes inclement weather aplenty. Whether it's fresh snow, old slush, or scary ice, chances are you're going to experience some frigid and wet-ish weather. In the four years that I attended Mizzou I think we had a snow day a total of three times, which are pretty good odds considering the school's snow day history. Missouri snow days can be tons of fun, but stocking up on heavy-duty waterproof boots is a must to make sure you're not squishing around in damp socks or slipping down the sidewalks.

The fashion meets the function: Primaloft Packable Jacket

Sometimes on campus you'll need the best of both worlds. As I've mentioned, Missouri weather is unpredictable at best. One of the worst feelings is packing on a winter coat in the morning and then having the sun come out to heat you up in the afternoon. For days when there's just as good of a chance for snow as for 75 degrees and sunny (trust me, those days will happen in Columbia) this jacket is perfect. It packs the punch of a sturdy winter coat, but folds up into a conveniently small pouch that you can fit in your purse or backpack. This foldable winter jacket comes in a variety of colors, and has a simple and elegant quilted texture to keep you fashion forward while you warm yourself — whenever you need it.

The Fashion meets the function: Mizzou Nike shorts

This piece could go either way. There are hundreds and hundreds of girls on Mizzou's campus who wear these Mizzou Nike shorts. Some of them have plans to go on a run or head to the gym later, or some (like me) just want a comfortable alternative to jeans or a dress. If you're running back and forth on campus, albeit not literally, it can be nice to have a comfortable bottom to pair with your free campus t-shirts or tank tops. Mizzou's rec is extraordinary, so you could totally utilize the function in these shorts after class, but it's always nice to display some school pride in a comfortable and unexpected piece.

Images: The Mizzou Store (3); Giphy (5); Hunter Boots; LLBean; Lands' End