Why Didn't 'The Bachelorette' Announce 'The Bachelor'? We Thought Chris Soules Was a Shoo-In

That's all, folks — another season of The Bachelorette has wrapped, and we've still got more questions than answers on our mind now that Andi Dorfman's quest for love is finally complete. Of course, we did find out that our lawyer looking for love chose Josh Murray over Nick Viall (much to Nick's very, very obvious dismay), but that's not all we wanted to know. Like who's going to be the next Bachelor? Now that Bachelorette is over, I need something to look forward to, and it sounded like this was info we were getting tonight. More specifically, news that Chris Soules is the new Bachelor sounded like info we were getting tonight. Ultimately, though, it was a no go, because ABC is a network made of life ruiners, and the show ended without any type of announcement being made.

Um, what? This is kind of a head scratcher, especially when you consider how heavily teased it's been that Chris is in the running to be the new Bachelor. After last week's gimmicky speed date with random audience member Ketra, a good chunk of the Men Tell All special seemed dedicated to giving the audience a taste of what a world with Chris as a Bachelor could be like. And then Chris Harrison got us all excited to hear the final word when he promised that the news was on the way early on in Monday's After The Final Rose post-mortem special. What the hell, ABC? Why are you keeping us in suspense?

Don't get me wrong — suspense is awesome to keep interest up, and ratings are everything. Besides, they could be holding off to drum up interest in Bachelor in Paradise, which kicks off next week. Maybe the big reveal is being saved for that finale? Ugh, all this waiting is too much!

But the real reason no announcement was made could be because a final decision hasn't been made yet. According to Us Weekly, the higher-ups at the network are still trying to make the final call on who, exactly, the Bachelor might be. As predicted, Chris is definitely a frontrunner, but so is Arie Luyendyk Jr., who you might remember from Emily Maynard's season. Arie's reportedly filmed promos, too — but then again, Chris is also being prepped in the event that he's chosen.

It won't be a shocker if (and when) good ol' Farmer Chris is officially announced the new Bachelor, but that doesn't mean my fingers aren't still crossed. He might be a little boring, but his quest for love could be totally worth watching.

Image: ABC