Is Juan Pablo Invited to Andi's Wedding? The Bachelorette Is Sending Very Mixed Messages

We all know Bachelorette Andi and former Bachelor Juan Pablo didn't end on the best of terms, but they haven't been able to avoid each other completely. In fact, Andi even wants Juan Pablo to marry her friend Nikki Ferrell. Those are some pretty mixed messages to send when you consider how Andi feels about Juan Pablo. When discussing her own wedding (which they should totally have on live TV) Andi was asked if Juan Pablo would get an invite. Sassy Andi responded, "I don’t think he’s gonna be invited to my wedding. Um, yeah—just gonna be a soft 'No' for now."

That's not an unsurprising response considering Andi chose to leave The Bachelor because she was so over Juan Pablo's personality.

There is a scenario where JP could end up at Andi and Josh Murray's ceremony, though. Andi is really good friends with Nikki Ferrell who won Juan Pablo's season. (Is it still "winning" if Nikki didn't get a proposal or even an "I love you?") But should JP ever take that step towards marriage, Andi would have to amend her guest list. "Unless he marries Nikki, then by default, which he knows about, he’ll come to the wedding," she continued.

Not only does her saying, "which he knows about" sound like a bit of a threat, but honestly I'm just confused here. Juan Pablo is out unless he marries Nikki? But why would Andi even want her friend to get married to Juan Pablo if she despises him so much? Not only that, but it sounds like Andi would not just put up with their marriage — she's actually encouraging it. "If he marries Nikki, he gets an invite. I hope he hears this ... He better put a ring on it!" Andi said.

I've always found the Juan Pablo/Nikki/Andi situation to be awkward, but I'm surprised to see that Andi is sending such mixed signals. Especially since she's someone who knows what she wants in life. I thought she never wanted to see Juan Pablo again; I mean, she even dissed him in her Bachelorette promo poster.

But yet, she's all good with him marrying her best friend?

I'd like to say that maybe Andi isn't actually that good of friends with Nikki anymore and doesn't care if she marries an asshole, but they still seem pretty close. In fact, Andi tweeted on Tuesday that she's grateful for Nikki's friendship.

Since it seems to me you generally want your BFF to stay away from men you don't like, this whole situation is troubling. Besides, does Andi think Nikki won't mind that Andi's blasting Juan Pablo in the media? Something doesn't really fit here and I'm pretty sure something's going to break before anyone walks down the aisle. Whether it will be Nikki and Juan Pablo's relationship or Nikki and Andi's to be the first to go, I don't know.

But with that much animosity in the air and all of Andi's mixed signals, I don't think everything "ees okay" here.

Images: ABC (2); Martha Sorren