Best Tweets About Allison Williams' Peter Pan Casting Prove That People Can't Tell the Difference Between Her & Marnie

If you haven't heard just yet (in other words, you've been living under a rock for the past few hours, because this news has been 'errywhere), Allison Williams has been cast as Peter Pan in NBC's upcoming live musical, Peter Pan Live. It's like Marnie's dream come true! Adding to the crazy but, admittedly, intriguing casting decisions: Christopher Walken, he of the best voice in Hollywood, will portray Hook. Not gonna lie, I'm here for this! But, the important question of the hour now becomes not who will round up the cast and portray the Lost Boys and Wendy, (and, of course, Nana!), but, really: What does Twitter think?

Turns out, Twitter's really weirded out that Marnie Michaels from Girls is going to be in a musical on NBC after that cringeworthy cover of Kanye West's "Stronger" she did at Charlie's business party. But hey, after all the poor girl has been through, doesn't she deserve some success in her life? (Oh, OK, I guess Williams does too, because she's talented and all. Also, Twitter really doesn't like to refer to Williams by any other name than Marnie, huh?)

Anyway, since I have dedicated my life to delivering the news to the masses, here are some of Twitter's best responses to this whole Allison-Williams-from-Girls-is-going-to-play-a-young-boy-who-can-fly-and-never-grows-up news. Think they can get Brian Williams to narrate-rap the whole thing? Please?

Image: WiffleGIF