'Big Brother's Zach is Devin All Over Again & That Could Really Mess Up His Game

Just when you thought the Big Brother house was a Devin-free zone since the houseguest was evicted a couple of weeks ago, Zach decided to go on a crazy reign of terror this week to basically become Devin reincarnated. You know it's true when Zach's showmance partner Frankie said, "He is Devin," during Wednesday night's episode. After all, there's no one in the house who knows Zach better.

All of this probably comes as a shock, seeing how much Zach was gunning to evict Devin from the house. Why would he act just like the houseguest who he seemed to hate so much? Well, let's examine the evidence.

Exhibit A: Just like Devin nominated Zach, a member of his alliance, after the Power of Veto was used a few weeks ago, Zach also put Christine on the block, who was a part of the newly-formed "Detonators" alliance, a pared down version of "The Bomb Squad." Both of these were crazy, out of left field moves that seemed to make no sense in terms of gameplay.

Just as Devin liked to gather the houseguests for dramatic, emotional speeches that only worked to convince his fellow houseguests that he was trouble, Zach gave a very over-the-top and offensive rationale for why he nominated Nicole and Christine. When you're HoH, you're already going to rock the boat with your nominations, so Devin and Zach basically looked like they lost their minds for pulling these stunts.

Toward the end, Devin was also not afraid of angering any of the other houseguests. For instance, he made it very clear to Brittany that he wasn't a fan of her lotion being in the kitchen, which made her dislike him even more than she already did. And who wouldn't be peeved at that? A grown woman can leave her lotion where she wants, thank you. This week on Big Brother, Zach has basically not cared at all about how he comes off to his fellow houseguests. During Wednesday night's episode, he offered Starburst and beef jerky to Have-Nots Christine and Nicole, who are only able to eat slop this week. That was pretty darn rude. Showing no remorse, Zach just said, "I guess that's what you get for being lazy," referencing the pair being two of the houseguests who scored the lowest on the activity tracker.

Now that Zach has planned to stage another "attack" at the Power of Veto ceremony, he has basically lost any shred of likability from the houseguests — and from me — that he once had, and we all had the same attitude toward Devin when he was evicted from the house. If Zach continues on this path, he may meet the same fate.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS