How Long Do Kim Kardashian iPhone Game Photo Shoots Take to Complete? Here Are Some Tips to Speed 'Em Up

One of the best ways to get fans in Kim Kardashian's iPhone game is to complete photo shoots and appearances. Though they drain your energy, the press always writes about them and it can boost your follower count and promote you to the A-list ASAP. Unfortunately, the game makes you spend real minutes collecting energy and using them for these one, three, eight, and 24-hour photo shoots and events. (Yeah, like Kim K. herself has ever done an all-day, all-night shoot, puh-lease.) But in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, how much time do photo shoots and appearances take? If you start an eight-hour one right before you go to bed will you be able to complete it in time? Do 24-hour events really take an entire day to finish?

After playing all the various types of photo shoots, store shifts and dates, here's what I can tell you. If you play the game right, it shouldn't take longer than an hour to complete most tasks, but you have to know what you're doing.

Fortunately, my A-list talent is coming in handy to guide you through the length of time each option will take. Consider me your Kim K. Game Guru. You're welcome!


I used an average of 33 energy bolts on a one-hour task, which would take 165 real-life minutes to earn. Yes, that means if you played the old-fashioned way and waited for your energy to accumulate, your photo shoot would be over before you spent the required two hours and 45 minutes earning lightning bolts.

Fortunately, you can also earn energy by tapping on random objects. Each location has 2-5 objects you can search for energy. Everything from pigeons to beer bottles could hold those precious lightning bolts. On average, if you visit every spot (a full list can be found here) you earn about 13-17 energy bolts per round for an average of 15. (I had to do a lot of math for this article, so I figure my brain activity balances out for the day if I divide the amount of time I spent playing by the amount of time I spent calculating.)

So, one round of energy collecting equals 15 lightning bolts if you tap every object in every location once. It takes about five minutes to do and costs $275 total to travel to all the places. But the reward is that you can finish your photo shoot in a much shorter time frame. Instead of waiting two hours and 45 minutes, you can now complete the photo shoot in just 10 minutes. Voila!


It took me 42 energy bolts to complete a three hour photo shoot, which would take three and a half hours to earn. Instead, try the search for energy technique and cut your photo shoot time down to just 15-20 minutes. You do have to shell out $825 to do so, but it's worth it.


Definitely a little trickier, my eight-hour ad campaign used about 92 energy bolts. In real time that would take about seven and a half hours to earn. But when you search the objects, you only have to make six round trips and you can complete the shoot in approximately 35 minutes. Of course, taking six trips to all the locations in the game starts to run a little pricey. You'd have to budget $1,650 for it if you don't want to wait for your energy to restore on its own.


These things are the bane of my existence, and they actually make the game less fun to play. It may not take 24 total hours to complete, but it will take your whole waking day. It takes about 276 energy points to complete one of these, or about 23 real hours. I don't recommend taking too many round-trips because if you thought the $1650 required for the eight-hour shift was a lot, you probably won't want to fork over the $5,225 required to pull that off for a 24-hour shift.

Besides, that is still going to take an hour and a half of non-stop play, and that's just not good for your brain. I recommend instead just utilizing the 24-hour shoots to take a break from the game. Play a little, wait a little. The combination of restoring your energy with time, and searching for it will have you spending about 8-12 hours to finish the shoot and your brain will thank you for the Kim K. breaks in between.

Image: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; giphy