'Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza Hopes Chris Pratt's New Look Won't Make Him a Jerk On Set

We all know that Guardians of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt made a major transformation from chubby funny guy to a ripped-abs superhero, all while maintaining his oh so delightful spirit. His total physical overhaul was so all-encompassing, though, one might wonder what the people who work with him think about it. Has he changed on the inside, too? Is he different? What will happen to Andy on Parks and Rec, now that Pratt's look has done a 180? The always candid and very funny Aubrey Plaza, who plays Pratt's wife on the hit NBC series, happened to comment on her on-screen husband's major changes when discussing her upcoming movie Life After Beth, in which she plays a flesh-eating zombie, at the AOL Build Speaker Series.

When asked what she thought about Pratt's switch to the brawny superhero type, Plaza responds: "Umm... it's totally fine with me! He looks great, and I just, you know, hope he doesn't show up on the set, like, acting like a total, like, asshole, you know?"

However, she doesn't think that's really possible. Pratt? Return to be a dick on set? Never. She explains, "I don't think he will because he's like the best guy ever. So, the fact that he has rock hard abs or whatever is just, like, I guess a bonus?"

So! A sleeker Andy isn't going to affect April on Parks and Rec... unless the writers squeeze in a bit in which April teases Andy about his svelteness. I mean, they have to, yeah? Either way, after we watch Plaza and Pratt on the silver screen separately in Life After Beth and Guardians of The Galaxy respectively, it will be awesome to see the two of them reunite for the final season of Parks And Rec , rock hard abs and all.

Image: NBC