When Will 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 5 Premiere? It Can't Come Soon Enough

Season 4 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just came to an end this past April, but amidst rumors of new alliances and a new housewife, actress Lisa Rinna, joining the cast, it's as if the next season is already on its way. So that leaves fans thinking — when will Real Housewives of Beverly Hills be back?

While they've already started filming Season 5, we won't be able to see it for another few months at least. Season 4 aired over five full months, so Bravo needs a pretty hefty gap in its schedule to accommodate all 22 episodes. RHOBH normally airs on Monday nights. Right now, RHOC is holding down that spot, but they only have about ten episodes left (and that includes the reunions/secrets revealed extras that they tack on at the end). It seems doubtful that Bravo would be able to turnaround from shooting to air in just two months. Once Orange County goes off the air this fall, there's no other Housewives franchise to take its place now that we've lost Miami (boo!).

Meanwhile, RHONJ is airing Sunday nights, and the 20-odd episode schedule should put their finale sometime in December. If a show with a shorter season like Millionaire Matchmaker or Newlyweds airs on Mondays until Jersey is done, then both Monday and Sunday will be wide open for Real Housewives of Atlanta and/or Beverly Hills to return, which they did side by side in November of 2013.

But considering that RHOA didn't end until May 18, and was immediately followed by the "Kandi's Wedding" spinoff (which were billed as RHOA episodes), the cast isn't even finalized yet, and while Melissa Gorga mentioned filming with Nene on Watch What Happens Live, it doesn't sound like they'll be ready before 2015 either.

Therefore, it seems like January is the safest bet for when we'll finally get our RHOBH fix. Not only does that sound like a million years away, that means that after Orange County comes to an end, we'll be stuck with only New Jersey, which is coming off one of their worst seasons ever, as our sole place to get a Housewives fix. Fingers crossed that the new cast this year makes for a better season. Jury's still out on that one.

But if we have to wait all the way until 2015 for more Beverly Hills backstabbing, Andy Cohen better make up for it with an amazing season. Last year's Let's-Bash-Lisa bonanza, spearheaded by Brandi and Kyle, and the addition of the boring Carelton and Joyce, made for a season that somehow felt even longer than its five-month running time.

That is almost half a year. Well, if we're going to waste our lives away in front of the TV, here's hoping it's at least good TV.

Image: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo; Giphy