Who is 'Bachelor in Paradise's Michelle Money?

She may not have won Brad Womack's heart, but ever since her famed stint on The Bachelor back in 2011, Michelle Money has seemingly made it her mission to continue on with the franchise in whatever ways possible. First, there was her time on Bachelor Pad 2 later that same year, where she memorably dated her teammate on- and off-screen, and now, she's a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise , ABC's newest Bachelor spin-off that already promises to be just as dramatic, ridiculous, and totally addictive as the shows that came before it.

And Money is bound to be one interesting contestant, at least if her past show experiences are to judge. The blunt, outspoken single mom was a fan favorite on both Bachelor and Bachelor Pad 2 thanks to her craziness — I mean, unusual take on the world — and there's little doubt she'll make Paradise just as fun to watch as the others. Still: who exactly is Michelle Money? For those unfamiliar, or those who just need a refresher, here's what to know about Bachelor in Paradise's most legendary contestant:

She's a Model, Hairstylist, and Actress

As for the last thing, Money's IMDB page lists six films under her belt, including The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, a 2011 comedy by the director of Revenge of the Nerds. She's only appeared in one project since then, a non-Bachelor bust still Chris Harrison-led TV show.

She Has a Huge Twitter Following

Nearly 80,000 people follow Money's updates on makeovers, religion, and, of course, Bachelor in Paradise . In her bio, the TV star describes herself as an "actress, model & beauty guru," and gives a shout-out to her Youtube channel. Speaking of which...

Her Youtube Channel is Pretty Big, Too

Along with her friend Laura Armstrong, Money uses her 60,000 subscriber-strong Youtube channel to talk fashion, beauty, and lifestyle issues. Most recently, "The MM&L Show" featured videos on makeup, summer cocktails, and dieting tricks and advice.

She Found Love on Bachelor Pad 2

And with none other than her on-screen partner, Graham Bunn, who's also going to be a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise. Although both stars have said that today, they're just friends, that's still one reunion that's bound to be interesting.

She Hated Being "The Villain"

During her time on The Bachelor, Money was characterized as the meanest and craziest of the contestants, but she's never been comfortable with that image. In post-show interviews, she adamantly defended herself, saying that her honesty made her an "easy target" and the show purposely only portrayed her worst side.

"I have a very sarcastic, dry sense of humor," she said in 2011. "That can come off as very intense. When you just get a small, chopped-up version of me being sarcastic, it comes across the wrong way."

Only time will tell if Money turns out to be the bad guy of this show, too. Tune in to ABC on Monday, Aug. 4, at 8 PM, to find out.

Image: MoneyMichelle/Twitter; ABC