The Easiest Way To Get A Deep Pore Cleanse At Home

What I’m about to tell you is going to change your life, and for once I am not being overly dramatic.

Out of all the money I’ve spent over the years on expensive skincare products, dermatologist appointments, and weird peels that make my skin fall off, nothing has worked as well (or as quickly) for me as simply dry washing my face.

Oh yeah, dry washing is literally exactly what it sounds like — pumping cleanser into your hands and lathering all over your face, but without water. I know that sounds super weird, but trust me when I tell you it’s the most amazing thing that will ever happen to your skin. Or if I seem a little too sketchy, you can alternatively trust Rosalia Fiske, NYC-area esthetician at Bliss Spa, (who also taught us all about toner) who swears by this method.

"Dry washing is the best kept secret in the home skincare universe. The method is utilize your cleanser as well as your other skin care products to 100% efficacy by using it in its truest form — alone without water. Washing your face with a damp face and water at first cheat you out of thorough cleansing," Fiske explains.

Fiske says dry washing your face is "just like you would spot-treat a stain on a blouse with a concentrated detergent. Think, when you clean your windows, do you dilute that Windex with water? NOPE!"

I asked Rosalia to give me a step-by-step breakdown on dry washing:

1. Choose your cleanser

"The best type of cleanser is anything but foam. To get foam, you need to use a surfactant (a substance that reduces service tension in the liquid it's dissolved in), and a surfactant turns your skin alkaline. Alkaline skin is like a petri dish for bacteria. Stick your oil, creamy/lotion/milk cleansers. And please, oh PLEASE, use go fragrance free!"

2. Apply cleanser to your face in an upward motion

"Massage along the hair line, nose, jawline, and, if you want to get Parisian, give that décolleté some love. Use upwards strokes from neck, cheeks, and forehead. The cleanser is getting into those pores and loosening anything that's not supposed to be there, like debris, dirt, oil, and bacteria."

3. Soak hands & repeat step 2

"Soak your hands with lukewarm water. Hot water can be too dehydrating! Repeat the same movements and literally wash away what the cleanser broke up in your pores."

4. Final rinse

"Rinse everything away with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel."

Congrats, you’ve just completed a deep-pore cleanse in the comfort of your very own bathroom!

Ever since I started dry washing, the biggest difference I noticed was in my skin’s texture. I had tried so many “pore minimizing” products that never did anything, but as soon as I started dry washing, I swear my pores “shrunk” almost immediately. I also used to have tiny bumps on my cheeks (which Rosalia told me were clogged pores), and those have completely disappeared since I started dry washing. My cheeks have never looked smoother. My makeup started laying beautifully on my skin, whereas before sometimes I felt my foundation would just enhance my enlarged/clogged pores.

It also has seemingly eliminated every single one of the lovely blackheads that use to take up residence on my nose. Once I started dry washing, they went away and have never come back. Seriously, y'all. This is the first time in years my nose has been completely blackhead-free and I'm loving it.

Can you imagine if all of your skin woes were just a few dry washes away from being gone for good?! Try it out and tweet me (@thebloginista) and let me know all about your experience!

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