Kendall Jenner & 5SOS’s Ashton Irwin May Be Dating Because Her Epic Flub Can’t Stop Her — PHOTO

Apparently Kendall Jenner really loves boy bands. No, I'm not talking about ones like the Backstreet Boys or N'SYNC that we all still get nostalgic about. She's more into the up-and-coming groups. She dated One Direction's Harry Styles until February, and now she's reportedly linked to another boy band member. Kendall Jenner and 5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton Irwin have been spotted together, sparking rumors that they're dating. And as we all know, 5SOS is the new 1D — they're well on their way to becoming every teen girl's fave band. So it only makes sense that Jenner is quick to hop on the 5SOS bandwagon.

On Monday night, Jenner and Irwin were hanging out after his band's show, and a photo of them together was posted on the Instagram of 5SOS's makeup artist. Also, there's a photo of a tall brunette getting in a cab with a guy, who Twitter users have claimed are Kendall and Ashton. This is super interesting, since last night 5SOS was the opening act for One Direction's tour at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. That means Irwin performed on the same stage as Styles and then went and hung out with his ex-girlfriend. Hmmmm... I wonder how Harry felt about that.

Granted, Jenner and Irwin weren't alone and he's all the way in the back of the photo. But since when are these two friends? Just a few months ago, she didn't even know their name at the Billboard Music Awards! Sorry, Kendall, but no one forgot when you called 5SOS "One Direction" by accident. It's a little surprising that she's suddenly BFFs with them.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There must be an explanation for all of this. Is she trying to make Harry Styles jealous? That could explain those recent kissy-face photos with Justin Bieber. Or maybe she still feels really bad about calling 5SOS the wrong name? She could just be trying to befriend the band to amend her mistake. Or here's my favorite theory: she thought Ashton Irwin was Harry Styles. She's "the worst reader," so she easily could've mixed up the names on the dressing rooms, right?

All joking aside, we'll just have to wait to see what happens! If they are actually dating, it's only a matter of time before momager Kris Jenner sets up some public appearances between the two.

Images: Nicole Kahlani/Instagram, Getty Images (2)