'TMNT's Megan Fox Spills on Channeling a Journalist on Screen & Her Opinion of the Industry

In film, actors get the unique chance of becoming an array of professions, creatures, and personalities. While most of Megan Fox's career boasts roles of teenage temptresses, high school heart throbs and diva-ish mean girls, her latest role presents something new. In her second Michael Bay franchise after Transformers 1 & 2, Megan Fox takes on April O'Neill in TMNT , out Friday.

Fans of the franchise know that the character of April is the audience's catalyst into seeing the Turtles IRL — that is, in real CGI. April is a curious, intelligent, stubborn, and snooping — you guessed it, she's a journalist. And while April is fighting reporting on fluff pieces about the latest workout craze, she gets her big break when she stumbles upon the turtles.

There's a great line in the film where Fox's April laments about how she didn't "spend four years in journalism school" just to end up reporting on frivolous topics. I almost laughed out loud — because as any journalist knows, it take a lot more than four years in journalism school to land a job, any job, in the "real world". Try countless summer internships, working on school papers, journalistic extracurriculars and more. So at the press day for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we — the journalists who gathered to speak with the cast and filmmakers — were curious to know how Fox's perceptions on journalists had changed — or perhaps were reinforced.

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"I'm not trying to tell you guys that you're becoming obsolete," she began, "but when you watch CNN, they're giving you news based on tweets, and you realize that society is really changing." Fox continued: "The collective public has a really big voice now that it didn't previously have, and they're influencing the trajectory of how we are socially with one another."

She concluded the question by saying that while the role didn't "necessarily" change her opinions of journalists, it did make her understand that our job is "much more tedious than I previously realized. You really have to keep track of a lot of shit," she said. Amen.

In terms of Fox's interactions with press in herself, she recognizes the need to filter her own public words, but admits at being terrible at doing so. "I clearly haven't learned that lesson yet. I'm the worst person to ask," she said. "I like to be open with you guys and I like to be honest, I hate being disingenuous, it's really uncomfortable for me."

And through our media lense of Megan Fox, we have learned some interesting tidbits, like who her favorite on screen kiss is. We've learned that she believes in leprechauns and Bigfoot, and that she's a pretty kickass mom.

"But I've also learned that because of what you [journalists] do — not you personally — a lot of what I say gets sensationalized. You have to report on scandal because that's what people are eager to read about, and so even when I'm trying to be straightforward and honest, my comments will inevitably get turned into something salacious. So I don't have a good gauge on how to edit, but my intentions toward you is a good one," she said.

Concluding, "Obviously you guys should all behave yourselves and be nice to me."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theatres Friday, August 8. Watch the trailer below:

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