M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Sixth Sense' & 'She's All That' Are The Same Movie — No, Really

If you were to say the phrase, “I see dead people,” to any young whippersnapper hanging about the mall or outside of a movie theater waiting for their parents to pick them up, they’d have absolutely no idea what you were talking about. That’s how old The Sixth Sense is. M. Night Shyamalan’s chilling horror film, which revitalized Bruce Willis’ career and made Haley Joel Osment one of the youngest actors of all time to be nominated for an oscar, was released 15 years ago. As was 90’s teen rom-com She’s All That, which Shyamalan claimed to have ghostwritten.

Maybe Shyamalan was feeling silly, or maybe he just wanted to regain his title as the King of Twists, but it turns out that claim was false. In an interview discussing After Earth (which would become yet another major flop in the Shyamalan catalogue), the writer/director said he ghost wrote She’s All That. Shortly thereafter, the film’s actual author R. Lee Fleming Jr. kicked up a major fuss about the whole controversy.

Even though Shyamalan totally lied about writing the hormonal heartthrob machine that was She’ All That (and is maybe just really bad at making jokes), it’s still not so “out there” of a claim. Seriously. If you take a look at both films, there are plenty of striking similarities. Take a look.

He/She was (Blank) all along!



The color red is the tell

Bruce Willis is so dead!

Rachael Leigh Cook is so hot!

The bullied kid reveals the awful truth to the leading man

You’re dead!

You’re a superficial jock!

Both films feature total teen heartthrobs

Hey! It’s Mischa Barton. Less teen dream here and more...dead.

Oh hello, Mr. Prinze

Glasses make a huge difference in character transformation

The kid becomes a total hero!

She becomes hot and popular! WAIT...What kind of a moral is that!?

The Trailer gives away the whole thing

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Lastly, Both films are just downright terrifying



I rest my case.

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