Drake Denies Calling Rihanna the Devil But He Raises More Questions Than He Answers

We still don't know the exact reason that Drake and Rihanna broke up, but, to be fair, we've had bigger concerns these days. Like the fact that Drake keeps hanging out with Chris Brown like he doesn't realize that he is Drake and could be hanging out with literally anyone else but Chris Brown. Or like the fact that Rihanna got confronted by a stalker in New York City and gave us all secondhand fear for her. However, when Drake performed at OVO Fest in Toronto on August 5, he raised a lot of eyebrows for throwing some major shade Rihanna's way. In fact, he raised so many eyebrows that Drake had to deny insulting Rihanna before these rumors got out of hand.

To be fair, the general public had a lot of cause to think that Drake was saying something negative about Rihanna. His performance was basically the first time he's brought her up since Drake and Rihanna broke up, especially considering the fact that each of them blamed the other one for the split. Either Drake was too in love with Rihanna and she wanted space or Rihanna was too needy and Drake wanted space. Regardless of what you believe, they've both moved on — until now. So, here's a rundown of the drama.

The Shade

It all began at OVO Fest. During his performance, Drake showed pictures of Rihanna that were fiery red and accompanied by the number six. Fiery red? The number six? Pictures of the ex-girlfriend from whom he did not have an amicable split? According to reports, these pictures were flashed during Drake's performance of "Days in the East" which Drake wrote about Rihanna. That must have been suuuper awkward for the Rihanna fans in the audience.

The Rumors

It didn't take long for people to equate the fiery red color scheme with the fires of hell and the number six with the infamous 666 Mark of the Beast. Thus, the story became about Drake implying that Rihanna is the devil. Drake didn't do anything to help his case by posting a picture from the concert of one of the fiery sixes, just in case there were any lingering doubters who were hesitant to believe it was really a bunch of sixes they saw.

The Denial

On Wednesday night, Drake put his Twitter to good news to remind everyone that he kind of had an album coming out with the number six in the title. To be fair, his explanation for what any of this had to do with Rihanna is still unclear. Was he confirming once and for all that "Days in the East" was written entirely about Rihanna? Is he acknowledging that he forgives her for her part in their breakup? Was he trying to say that Rihanna is the hottest girl in the world? Well, regardless, he wasn't saying that Rihanna is the devil, so let's put that rumor to rest.

Image: champagnepapi/Instagram