9 Reasons 5SOS’s Ashton Irwin Is So Popular from His Love of Vegemite to His “Punk Rock” Bandanas

Ever wonder what the Beatlemania fan's tweets would look like if social media were around in the '60s? Well, they'd probably look something like the responses to the Ashton Irwin focused hashtag #50ReasonsWhyILoveAshtonIrwin, which is currently trending on Twitter. You may be asking yourself the question I posed in my own brain an hour ago, "Who is Ashton Irwin?" Well, to save you a Google search, he's the drummer for 5 Seconds of Summer. For my fellow geriatrics, this Aussie boy band was discovered on YouTube, and got their big break when they went on tour with One Direction in 2012. Ashton Irwin, 20, is the baby-faced drummer of this group that fans began a Twitter trend for, seemingly, just to make sure he had a nice day.

Now, I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole of reading tweets on a trending topic, and there is a goldmine of fandom in this particular hashtag. This kid has a seriously devout following, and there are plenty of reasons that this Aussie musician is basically the new Harry Styles. Or, to go back even further, the new Taylor Hanson. Plus, he's been spotted on the arm of Kendall Jenner, so he could no doubt easily unlock the Calabasas neighborhood in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood .

Let’s investigate this fascinating fanbase that is so in love with Irwin. Here some of the reasons that 5SOS fans are obsessed with Ashton Irwin. Prepare yourself for some poetic tweets...

He's obviously the cute one

He's got a great "into the music" face

He lends fans gas money when they're down on their luck

Fans who are survivors of self-mutilation really connect with him because he draws butterflies on their scars

He's a man of many talents as a Drummer/Astronaut/Bubble blower

"His smile could light up a city after dark"

"His long fingers are life" and "His bandana makes him punk rock"

Furthermore, "He doesn't play FIFA" but "He loves Vegemite."

Finally, this

Well played with the targeted marketing, Applebee's. Well played.