6 Songs Beyonce Should Perform at the VMAs If She Wants to Keep People Guessing

Let's take a quick break from talking about the potential Jay Z and Beyoncé divorce in order to discuss some fantastic Beyoncè news instead. According to MTV, Queen Bey will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 29 — and that's not all. The "Drunk In Love" singer will make the world a better place with an "epic" performance at the VMAs. Get excited.

The powerhouse performer hit the VMAs stage solo for the first time in 2003 and has been churning out show-stopping performances ever since. She rocked the awards show in 2003 with her upside-down performance of "Crazy In Love," belted out "Ring the Alarm" in 2006, and made every man in the audience want to "put a ring on it" with the empowering "Single Ladies" in 2009. The last time Bey performed at the Video Music Awards was in 2011, and she shared the stage with a very important person — her daughter, Blue Ivy, who was just a baby bump during her mom's performance of "Love On Top."

Beyoncé has had a long history with the VMAs, and we can only imagine that history will repeat itself when she takes the stage for the 2014 award show. Now the question is, what exactly will Beyoncé sing? Bey can do no wrong with her song selection, but here are the numbers that would make Queen Bey's 2014 performance absolutely iconic.

"Crazy In Love," Fifty Shades of Grey Version

Dadash Musayev on YouTube

Whatever you think about Fifty Shades of Grey (it's terrible, or it's terrible but you totally love it seem to be the only opinions out there) you have to admit that this version of Beyoncé's hit is pretty amazing. It's a Bey throwback with a totally different sound.

"Drunk In Love"

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

I'm sure that Beyoncé is sick of Instagramming away divorce rumors — she needs a new outlet to fight off the gossip. Having Jay Z share the stage with her for "Drunk In Love" is one way to tell the tabloids that they're totally wrong about the state of their relationship... no matter what the truth is.

"Single Ladies"

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Beyoncé could also play it coy at the VMAs and rehash this infamous number. People already over analyze her performances — might as well fuel the fire, right?


beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Easily one of the most fun Beyoncé songs — how cool would it be to see her recreate the video with costumes and sets from different decades?


beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Bey needs to remind the world that she can do it better than John Mayer.


beyonceVEVO on YouTube

A live version of this video miiiiight be a little much for the MTV audience, but damn would Bey pull it off.