Who Is Magic!?

by Samantha Martin

If your finger has even graced the pulse of popular music this summer, chances are the phrase "Why you gotta be so rude?" has been stuck in your head at least once. It's too early to call, but Magic!'s "Rude" — the bouncy, light, and hopelessly catchy reggae tune about a man's desire to marry a girl with a possessive father — is a definite contender for this year's "Song of the Summer." The song dethroned Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" in mid-July after seven weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. (What is it with single word adjectives this summer?)

What's truly amazing is that "Rude" is Magic!'s debut song from their debut album. Talk about living up to your name. They're set to play at the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday (Aug. 10), and I'm guessing it won't be their only high-profile gig in the future. But, wait... who are they? In order to prepare for their almost-certain world domination, let's get to know Magic!

1. They are Canadian

The United States' brother to the north has produced some of the greats and some of the less-than-greats. I'll toss Magic! into the former category until they urinate into a mop bucket or something.

2. There are four of them

Magic! is comprised of four native Torontonians: Nasri Atweh (lead vocals), Mark Pellizzer (guitar), Ben Spivak (bass), and Alex Tanas (drums). You can watch each of them doing the things that they do in the music video below.

3. "Rude" was released almost a year ago

The single was released on October 11, 2013, meaning we snoozed on this one for three whole seasons.

4. Nasri co-wrote a Chris Brown song one time

Brown's song "Don't Judge Me" was co-written by Nasri and songwriting team The Messengers. (Don't judge him.)

5. They are featured on a Shakira track

You can hear them on "Cut Me Deep" off of Shakira's self-titled album which was released March 2014. For a, well, deep cut, it's really good.

6. "Rude" peaked at #6 in their native Canada.

Why you gotta be so rude, eh?