Who's Arlene's Vampire Boyfriend? Riley Smith Is 'True Blood's Hottest New Vampire

Being attractive is pretty much a prerequisite when starring on True Blood. So when word got out that True Blood had a vampire boyfriend for Arlene, I figured he was going to be rather easy on the eyes. Annnddd, I was right. So right. As soon as Keith swooped in with his rocker wardrobe and piercing blue eyes, I (much like Arlene) was instantly taken with this newfound hunk — and no, that’s not just his blood talking (though I wouldn’t say no to one of True Blood 's vampire sex dreams).

Speaking of which… due to the side effects of ingesting his life-saving blood, Arlene recently had the pleasure of experiencing a very steamy sex dream about her and Keith, which involved nudity, vamp speed, and a pool table. (Did I mention there was also nudity?) However, this duo’s connection isn’t just physical. The pair also had a very emotional — and very real — moment together at Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill where the two of them simply held each other while slow dancing. That’s enough to make any girl, with or without a pulse, wonder — who is this guy? I need to Google him ASAP. Because whatever it is that he’s selling, I am most certainly buying in bulk.

His actual name is Riley Smith and whether you realize it or not, you’ve definitely seen this guy around well before he began glamouring us with that Bon Temps charm.

Here’s what we know…

He Has History With The CW

Not only did Smith play the recurring role of paraplegic hottie Riley Wallace on the network’s popular 90210 series, but he also appeared in multiple episodes of Beauty and the Beast as The Bombmaker. Wanna know what other show is on The CW? The Vampire Diaries. I bet Smith would be more than willing and capable of using those vampire skills of his over in Mystic Falls. Just saying. (Get on this, Julie Plec.)

He’s Worked With The Olsen Twins

Remember the movie New York Minute way back in 2004? Well, remember Jim, the hot bike messenger guy? That was Smith! I remember gushing over him even back then. Hey, remember how young Mary-Kate and Ashley were during this? (I’m starting to feel really old, you guys.)

He’s In a Band

Lucie Křížková on YouTube

Keith may be a member of James’ fictional vamp band, but in real life Smith is the lead singer of an actual band that he helped create back in 2006 known as The Life of Riley. Just imagine this guy singing to you. Who needs glamouring when a few musical notes will do the trick?

He’s About to Join the Nicholas Sparks Club

In case you needed another reason to swoon over this man, Smith has officially earned the Nicholas Sparks stamp of approval. The actor is set to star in the famous author’s Civil War-era TV movie/backdoor pilot, Deliverance Creek, which will make its Lifetime debut this September. Set your DVRs accordingly.

He Was in Bring It On

Gemma S on YouTube

I wanted to save the best for last. If you keep wondering why Smith’s face looks so familiar, but you can’t quite place him, it’s probably because you’re remembering him as Tim, the guy cheerleader who flirted briefly with Les during the final cheerleading competition. Adorable! (Sorry, I couldn't track down a video with their actual conversation. But it gives you an excuse to watch Bring It On again!) Now, can we get a sequel centered solely around these two characters? #kthanksbye!

And just in case you missed it the first time around, check out Arlene and Keith’s steamy hookup (video below). As far as True Blood's Season 7 sex scenes go thus far, this one comes very close to the top of my list.


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