Rob's New Focus Is Just What He Needs

Every time Rob Kardashian has made the news lately, it's been bad. In May, he was fat shamed by the media and public alike on his way to sister Kim Kardashian's wedding. Then in July he was dogged by his ex Adrienne Bailon in a new interview where she called him "so disloyal." The youngest Kardashian has been having a rough time of it for awhile now, and that's why I am so glad to see Rob Kardashian has started to focus on his family, tweeting about how much he loves the various members of his big brood.

On Monday, he posted a picture of little sister Kendall Jenner on the cover of Teen Vogue with the caption "My little Sis is so cute here lol, @KendallJenner LOVE YOU." Then on Tuesday he tweeted two pictures of Kylie Jenner followed by about a million emojis of brightly colored flowers and the like.

But he didn't stop there, and on Thursday he turned his attention to big sis Kim Kardashian and baby North. "Goodness @KimKardashian she's soooooo pretty!!!! LOVE HERR" he captioned a picture of the tot. Then on Friday he retweeted a picture Khloe posted of the two of them and added four heart emojis and writing "loveu" in his caption.

That's a lot of social media love for his family, and it means even more when you consider how much they have been there for him in the past.When Rob was being bullied last May, the Kardashain-Jenner clan had his back. Lil' sis Kendall Jenner and older sister Khloe Kardashian both came to Rob's defense, tweeting positive messages to their brother and calling out the people who had shamed him.

Then last week when Adrienne Bailon lashed out at Rob and the Kardashians, both Khloé and Kim Kardashian spoke up in favor of their little bro on Twitter.

It's clear that as Rob battles his own demons, his family is there for him. It's good to see that he's embracing that and turning his attention toward them, instead of the negativity. After all, as Lilo and Stitch taught me “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten."

Some family time is exactly what he needs right now.

Image: imgfave