Where Is JFK London Gate 16 Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game? It's Hard to Find

Just as I predicted, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has added a new location in an attempt to keep people interested in the game and keep the cash rolling in. As you might have noticed if you're as addicted to the game as I am, JFK airport just added gate 16. Turns out, going through that new gate is how you get to the Kim Kardashian iPhone version of London, England.

Two weeks after getting Paris as a new location, Kim has added another Kardashian travel staple in this English city. Will you be able to get your very own Lord status à la Scott Disick there? Who knows! I just updated my game to include the location so I'm as new at this as you are. So let's travel to JFK's new gate together.

The new mystery gate is like our very own version of Narnia, except instead of time stopping in the real world, it just gets sucked down the drain as you spend hours tapping pigeons trying to get them to poop money and lightning bolts. I've never been to London in real life, so as this seems to be as close as I'll get, I'm pretty pumped to start my adventure. I changed my avatar's outfit and everything.

Kim's update boasted new outfits and the best part is THEY WERE FREE! One of the biggest problems with this game is that everything costs a fortune, but the game just gave you five new dresses and two pairs of shoes completely for free. Kim Kardashian, I think I love you. I decided to wear one of my brand new dresses because it looked pretty snazzy with my nebula leggings.

After that, my trusty manager Simon called me to tell me about an exciting new opportunity—in London! I was to meet Sir Malcom Addison in England to talk about who should be the guest of honor at the Operatic Ball. And yes, Simon did throw some Vienna Ball shade in there after what happened to Kim. Yes, I do love this game.

I skipped on over to JFK's gate 15, which brought me to the same old terminal I've always visited.

It had no access to London. I told you this was like Narnia, with an almost impossible-to-find doorway to another world.

Pro tip: Go to JFK gate 15 and then go to Soho then go back to JFK and select gate 16.

I have no idea why it's built this way, but I'm guessing it's a mistake. I'm still riding my high from the Vienna Ball diss, though, so I don't even care.

JFK gate 16 looks the same as gate 15 except there's no suitcase to click on for points. Boo.

But I couldn't dwell on that because I had an appointment with Sir Addison to uphold. I paid the $65 fare to jet to London and there it was, just as I'd always imagined the digital Kim Kardashian version of the city would be.

There you have it, a journey to London through the mythical JFK gate 16. Good luck finding it and starting your own English adventure!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; gifsoup