How Do You Win the Kim Kardashian iPhone Game? It's All About the Fans...

Unlike some games, where the objective is to rescue a character or complete a set number of levels, Kim Kardashian's iPhone game doesn't really have an ending point. So is there a way to "win" Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Technically, there is and it has to do with how many fans you have. Contrary to popular belief, hitting the A-list doesn't constitute winning. Instead, a player truly wins when they are the number one player in the game with the maximum amount of fans. How many fans does it take to win Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Currently it takes 87.5 million. That's actually 65 million more than Kim Kardashian herself even has in real life. If you're anywhere above 22.6 million, you're more famous than she is. Kongratulations.

That winning number of 87.5 million fans could be subject to change. Prior to Kim adding the Paris location to the game two weeks ago, the maximum number of fans was only 68.8 million. It seems with each update, Kim extends that number in addition to adding more clothes, job opportunities, locations, etc. With how successful the game has been (earning a reported $700,000 per day) it's likely Kim will keep that cash cow running as long as she can with continuos updates.

Of course, that means the game is really never over and you really never win. But you can "win" the highest A-list status and maximum number of followers when you soar to the top of the A-list at 87.5 million fans.

And if you want to keep the game interesting for yourself, try konnecting with some fellow game players. That way you'll get to challenge other experts instead of just playing against yourself. Then those 87.5 million fans will feel more hard-fought, than handed out. And we all know how Kim feels about things being freely given.

So for now, work towards that 87.5 million and challenge some fellow Kim K. addicts while we await which location Kim will add next. (Fingers crossed we get something like her Italian wedding venue!)

Images: oslakovic19/Twitter; giphy; starcrush