What Clothes in the Kim K Game Would Cost For Real

If I had to describe the fashion selections in Kim Kardashian's game in two words, those words would be RIP OFF. Perusing the outfit options in the Kustomize part of the game, you have surely noticed that the prices are insane. Seriously, the price of clothes in the Kim Kardashian game indicates that the Kardashians have probably never shopped in the real world. A hoodie is $120. A nude bustier is $975. That horrific orange bathing suit, worn by every cutting-edge person in town, costs 50 K Stars. Yeesh, I get that my avatar is shopping in luxury boutiques on Rodeo Drive and all, but why can't she opt to just go to the mall?

Furthermore, can I really not get another date with that cute writer Mitchell Murphy, because I decided to use my K stars to buy the stray cat instead of buying a come-hither outfit? It's a horrible form of entrapment, in which looking hot comes out on top of being charitable and loving kittens.

Then you imagine where these kinds of garments would be sold in reality. That hoodie probably costs $25 at the Gap Outlet. Real talk, you can get that nude jumpsuit at Topshop. And, let’s be honest, that black mesh bodycon dress is probably available at Necessary Clothing for like 20 bucks. Really though, how much would the Kardashian Kustomize klothing cost in the real world? Come with me, and let's explore this universe in which a simple shirt costs nearly four times as much as cross-country airfare.

Neutral Hoodie

There are a few versions of this piece in the Kim K game, all of which cost $120. Mind you, it costs $35 to fly from LAX to JFK in this game.

You could buy literally the same hoodie in a different color for $22.94 at Old Navy.

Black Mesh Body Con Dress

Kim K's virtual body con dress costs $275. It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.

The following version is available for $19.80 at Forever 21. Suck on that!

Black & White Lace Sheath

Kim K's white dress with black lace overlay will set you back $2,500. That's even more than you pay in rent!

But, hey! Look at that! Modcloth sells it for $80. Way to be a frugalista.

Nude Jumpsuit

You're ready for the party circuit in this nude jumpsuit, available for a modest 60 K stars. A vacation home in Miami costs you 20 K stars, or $6,000. So, doing the math, this jumpsuit is valued at $18,000 or 3 vacation mansions.

Topshop sells something similar for $115, which is equivalent in cost to 3 weeks worth of groceries at Trader Joe's.

Rocker Muscle Tee

Shell out $950, and your avatar can snag a distressed band tee. What about money for groceries, you ask? Don't worry! You can't eat in the game, unless you're on a date or at your birthday party.

Urban Outfitters sells a close approximation of this tee for $64. Not the greatest deal, but you can spend some tax refund cash on it and still have dollars to burn. Btw, who files your tax return in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?

Leopard-print Jeans

Excuse me while I spurt out the water I just so happen to be drinking at this very moment in shock...8,000 DOLLARS?! Are they woven from Unicorn hair or something??

Volcom makes a pair of leopard jeans that retail for $65 on Ok, now that sounds more like it.

White Maxi Skirt

Forget if this thing makes you look like a tent. It's See by Chloe, so $425.

Or, you could just go on ASOS and get it for $27.09.

Shoulder Satchel

And you know that super cute little green bag? Fork over $950 and your avatar can strut around with it forever. That is, until Willow Pape steals it at Les Deux.

Alternatively, you can buy it for $59.50 at Zara, and not freak out when it inevitably gets pilfered while you're too drunk to function.

Now that this is fresh in your mind, maybe think of putting your Kim K dollars into an IRA.

Image: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (9); Old Navy; Forever 21; Modcloth; Topshop; Urban Outfitters;; ASOS; Zara