Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's Next Update Should Add These Global Locations

Every year the Kardashian and Jenner clan flies off for another fabulous vacation and now Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is following suit. So far Kim Kardashian's iPhone game has added London, England, Mexico's Punta Mita, and Paris, France for your glamorous A-list avatars to travel to since the game's launch. But I certainly don't expect her to stop there. After all, Kim Kardashian making millions of dollars off of us, and I'm sure she doesn't plan on jumping off the money train any time soon. So to keep the players interested and the cash rolling in, I'm sure she'll add some more places in the coming weeks. But which locations will Kim Kardashian: Hollywood travel to next?

In addition to the three new places Kim has added lately, the game already contains multiple California venues (Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Hollywood, LAX, and Calabasas). It also features New York City's Tribeca and Soho as well as Miami and Las Vegas. But even with all those major cities highlighted, Kim Kardashian has been globetrotting for years. She had a lot of travel experience under her belt, and she still has a plethora of places to choose from. So here are eight locations we could see in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's future.


What better way to keep up with those Kardashians than to be able to travel to the place where they held their most recent family trip? Sample challenges could include meeting with an adoption agency like Kim herself did or getting a bodyguard to keep people from unwontedly touching your butt.


There is no better ad for this country than the time the Kardashian Klan jetted out for a few days in the crystalline blue waters. The Greece game location would be the perfect spot for your avatar to do some bikini photo shoots. Maybe manager Simon can even get you cast in the third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie.


Home of the earring incident and everyone's growing hatred of Kris Humphries. Here players could dive to the ocean depths to help Kim retrieve her $75,000 diamond.


New clothing options added to the game include neon body paint. Your avatar must star in an awkward music video.

KardashiansIreland on YouTube


Kim says her late father "loved Hawaii" and would take the family every year. In a sweet nod to her dad she should add this location and have the challenges be a bit more laid back. Help a lost child find her mother, rescue a sea turtle, donate some of your clothes to charity, etc. The game is so glammed-up it would be nice to have a bit of down-to-earth, where better to do it than in the location her father loved?


Barbara Zanon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Home of the infamous Kimye wedding. Challenges include a test shoot in front of the flower wall to make sure it looks good in photos. Sample tasks during the "wedding" appearance will be "cry" and "smile at the bride." If you catch the bouquet you win 3 K stars.


Patrick Bolger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

After their nuptials, the new couple jetted off to a secretive Irish honeymoon. We never learned much about the vacation, so here's Kim's chance to share the details on her own terms. Possible venues for photo shoots and appearances could be the Castle Oliver and Ballyseede Castle because if you do Ireland and you don't go to a castle were you ever really there?


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Seeing the Hollywood avatars take a trip to Minnesota's Mall of America or a local Wisconsin farmer's market would be utterly hilarious. Come on, don't you want to see how Kim paints that part of our country and how much Kris Humphries shade she throws in?

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood