Can You Identify the '90s Belly Button Ring?

by Erin Mayer

In the mid-'90s my dance teacher got her belly button pierced. I was crazy jealous. She just looked so cool with that little rhinestone stud on her toned, tanned stomach. I wanted one, bad. Luckily, I was only about six at the time and far too young to make that kind of mistake. My belly remained ring-free, and 23-year-old me is eternally grateful for that.

The belly button ring, like many trends from the '90s through the early '00's, is embarrassingly bad in retrospect. How did we, as a society, allow them to become a trend? Chalk it up to a moment of weakness for humanity, but belly button rings were everywhere for a time. By 1999 a belly button ring was practically a prerequisite for becoming a female pop star, right up there with "abs that look great in a ripped cropped top" and "chunky highlighted hair."

While I'm currently hoping for a technological breach of some sort that wipes the belly button ring from our collective memory, the '90s girl in me is still in awe of them. I mean, doesn't every stomach instantly become 17 points hotter when there's a rhinestone sticking out of the navel? I think it's time we give credit to the all-powerful belly button ring with a little quiz. Let's see how well you know your '90s pop stars from their belly piercings, shall we?

Round One


And the pop star is....

Britney Spears!

Round Two


And the pop star is...

Why it's Queen Bey, of course!

Round Three


And the pop star is...

Janet Jackson. So she's more of a legend than a '90s pop star, but she's got the belly button ring to let us know which decade she really belongs to.

Images: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images, Frank Micelotta/Getty Images, Robert Mora/Getty Images