What To Wear To A Katy Concert

The best thing about holding a coveted ticket to a pop concert is the promise of an over-the-top production experience — and that is exactly what Katy Perry has in store on her tour. From the brightly colored set to her elaborate costumes, Katy Perry knows just how to impress the masses. Fans of the international pop star have seen her in many scantily clad pieces: From hot pants to neon wigs, this girl knows to have fun while belting out some of the best pop hits since Britney Spears.

It can be tough to decide what to wear to a Katy Perry concert mostly due to the high volume of festive attire that will inevitably be surrounding you. How do you make a choice? You can play it safe and dance around in your skinny jeans and tank top, or you can make a statement just as bold as Katy and pull out all of your show stopping articles from your closet. Standing out in the crowd may become a contest, but fans of the artist tend to take their concert outfits very seriously these days. There are certain acts where you may choose to dress casual and comfy, but when the performer you are about to see has done it all from glittering bodysuits to candy inspired bras, you know you are going to have to stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking to channel your inner Katy Kat, I've got just the looks to get the job done!


It wouldn't be a Katy Perry concert without some sort of brightly colored wig. Not only does this scream KATY PERRY, it also brings back memories of playing dress up as a kid. Add on a graphic print body suit and bubble skirt and you are in business!


I know I keep pushing color, but I can't help it — this is what Katy Kats are made of! Put together all your best shades of green, orange, pink, purple, or blue and mix it to the best of your ability. After all when it comes to a rainbow of attire, there really are no rules.


Making bold statements that not be ideal. If you rather play down your look try a little black dress. You will feel just fancy enough to get your feet moving, but still in tune with your preference of style. Make sure you choose flats over heels because nothing is worse than twisting your ankle while your jumping up and down like a maniac.


Things can get a little sweaty in the stadium so opt for shorts and a crop if you know you are going to overheat. Katy Perry is all about wild prints in any form so take a tip from her style and put together your favorite prints with some solids to even it out. Have fun with your accessories and remember to roar just as loud as the fans around you, there is always the chance that Katy will spot your boisterous voice over the others.

Images: Polyvore