Ray J Poses With Police Offers But the Harmless Photoshoot Could Backfire at the Rapper Under Investigation

For the first time in a while, or maybe even history, Ray J's making headlines for an incident that doesn't involve embarrassing behavior like making a sex tape with Joan Rivers or his weird obsession with expanding his catalog of songs about Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately, this story does involve the police. Apparently, taking a page out of Lily Allen's book, Ray J posed for a photo with two LAPD officers. At first glance, it seems harmless enough because unlike Lily Allen's attempt to pull a mindless prank, these particular police officers were the ones to make the initial request for a photo opp, which has reportedly prompted an investigation by LAPD. According to TMZ, the officers stopped Ray J because they suspected he was texting while driving. Ray J said that after he explained that he was merely trying to connect his Bluetooth, they asked him to step out of the vehicle. But instead of giving him the official, stern-faced warning, the officers decided the best thing to do was—wait for it—pose for photos with him. Far be it from Ray J to take full advantage of the situation by not only posing for photos, but snapping a few of his own on his cell phone. I can't even type that with a straight face because, guysss c'monnn. Policemen are people too, but this right here? SIGH.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To defend Ray J (I know that sounds awful), he is currently facing charges for being ridiculously out of control at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel back in May, an incident that allegedly involved him kicking and even spitting on a police officer. Therefore, he was probably relieved and more than happy to comply with taking photos with the officers who pulled him over. But really the last thing Ray J needs is for his name to be associated with police officers in any form or fashion. He hasn't earned the best reputation for himself but for his sake, let's just hope this incident doesn't somehow backfire on him.