Shailene Woodley & 'TFIOS' Stars' Best Quotes From the Teen Choice Awards Are as Enlightening as They Are Ridiculous

The cast and crew of The Fault in Our Stars may have to wait several more months to find out if they've snagged any Oscar nominations, but hopefully they can take some consolation now in knowing that at the very least, they have a handful of Teen Choice Awards to fill their shelves. At Sunday night's ceremony, the John Green-based film took home seven awards, including Best Drama and Best Actor and Actress for Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley, respectively. And while a surfboard-shaped prize isn't quite an Academy Award, it certainly means a lot when given by the exact fanbase that made the movie one of the highest-grossing films of the year's first half.

And with awards, of course, comes speeches — plenty of them, considering the huge amount of prizes The Fault in Our Stars' cast and crew took home throughout the night. Some were sweet, others funny, a few just plain weird (yes, I mean you, Shailene Woodley), but overall, the TFIOS cast's Teen Choice Awards acceptance speeches were just as enjoyable to watch as the Josh Boone movie itself. A few of the winning stars' best quotes:

"We're all so lucky to be alive, let alone breathing together in this wonderful room... but not everybody is."


Like Elgort would do shortly after, Woodley chose to give her acceptance speech for The Fault in Our Stars' Choice Movie: Drama a somber tone, taking the moment to acknowledge others less lucky than her and her fellow TCA attendees. "There's no way to justify anything in life," she said. "There's no reason why we're here and they're there." It was an eloquent, important speech, and it brought some necessary seriousness to an otherwise light-hearted ceremony.

"You know what's really funny? So we won Cast Chemistry, too, and I'm really glad to win something for Chemistry, for a change, because I didn't do that well in Chemistry in school" — Ansel Elgort

"Good one. That was just as good as what Shailene said." — Nat Wolff

Shailene's lovely sentiments were followed by Elgort's corny attempt at a joke, and Wolff's unamused response. It was adorable.

"I really am glad that we were also embraced by young people who are dealing with the illness, and I just hope that we did it justice."


After a few silly moments of wondering what to do with his surfboard ("I guess I'm gonna put this on my wall?") and thanking the fans, Elgort's Choice Movie Actor speech took a more serious turn. He expressed his gratitude for getting cast in the film, and, in a moving moment, acknowledged the young cancer patients who both inspired Green's book and, hopefully, found comfort in the film.

"The truest form of bravery and courage is to wake up everyday and be ourselves."


Sure, this Woodley speech came after a win for Divergent, but the sentiment holds true for The Fault in Our Stars. The actress began her speech by saying how honored she felt to accept her award "on behalf of women," and, later, encouraged her fellow females to have self-confidence and be accepting of others.

"You do you, I'm gonna do me, she's gonna do she, and hopefully, I'll be brave enough to actually take this into the water during Shark Week! Woo!"

And then, she said this. It wouldn't be a Shailene Woodley speech without a little weirdness, right?