Ariana Grande’s 9 Music Videos Ranked from Girl in the Background to Gothic Pop Star — VIDEOS

If Mugatu from Zoolander could comment on Ariana Grande's career, he would say "That Ariana Grande is so hot right now." I mean, she's basically the new Mariah Carey, and is thus having the best summer ever. Sunday night, she Grande won the 2014 Teen Choice Award for "Choice Female Artist", beating out pop icons like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. While she had some stiff competition, Ari really deserves it with the crazy amount of success she's enjoyed this year. “Problem” is one of the songs of the summer, and “Bang Bang” is poised to top the charts throughout fall. Basically, if you haven’t done your homework yet, you should catch up on all of Ariana Grande's music videos. This girl is poised for super-stardom.

Just to save you a trip over to YouTube, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of Ariana Grande’s music videos for your viewing pleasure. Although Grande's solo career hasn't been that long, she already has a distinctive style that pervades her videos. You’ll see many aerial beauty shots of Ari’s doll-like face while she bats her thick lashes. Other than that, her style of dancing is decidedly cute, bouncy, and child-like. I’ve also included a few videos from her Victorious days to illustrate how far she’s come. So, grab your teddy bear and bat your lashes, here are Ariana Grande’s music videos ranked.

9. "All I Want is Everything" (Victoria Justice)

VictoriousVEVO on YouTube

As a former member of the Victorious cast, Ari played one of Victoria Justice's pack of buddies in a few of Justice's videos. Sure she has no lines, but her awkward grooving to the beat makes this video. Also, it's clear that she gives great friend hugs.

8. "Make It in America" (Victoria Justice)

VictoriousVEVO on YouTube

Yet another Victoria Justice video cameo in which Ariana gives more hugs, and parties in the desert. Can we call this the Nickelodeon version of Burning Man?

7. "The Way" (Feat. Mac Miller)

ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube

I can picture Grande and Mac Miller as friends, but not romantically involved. This loses points for believability, but she's giving beauty face that would make RuPaul proud.

6. "Almost is Never Enough" (With Nathan Sykes)

ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube

This video earns points for the classic format of the studio recording session. Plus, she dated Nathan Sykes. Snaps for life imitating art!

5. "Unfriend You" (Greyson Chance)

GreysonChanceVEVO on YouTube

OK, so this is another Ari on-screen cameo. Still, thinking of where she is now, this is super entertaining to watch. To give you a hint, she's the girl that Greyson unfriends.

4. "Baby I"

ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube

In this video, she's giving face in her signature super cutesy, angora-bunny-eating-a-cupcake fashion. Kudos is deserved for the stunt work in this video, namely, sitting on the hood of a moving car.

3. "Right There" (Feat. Big Sean)

ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube

I never met a Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet reference I didn't like. Plus, great choice on Big Sean as the priest to officiate your wedding, Ari. I see the wink in that scenario.

2. "Problem" (feat. Iggy Azalea)

ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube

Props to the art directors and stylists behind this video, because the Op Art/Mod theme elevates the taste level of Grande's typical super-sweet vibe. Plus, so much good hair.

1. "Popular Song" (Mika Feat. Ariana Grande)


I put this one at the top of the list because Grande gets out of her "too cute" comfort zone. Plus, who doesn't love a gothic murderous bubblegum pop star?

Now that you've watched all of these, next time you get pulled over by a cop you can mimic the Ariana Grande face and see if it gets you out of a ticket.

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