If North West Had a Twitter These 11 Tweets Would Probably Be Her Most Popular

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All of the Kardashians have a very strong social media presence. Between their Twitters and their Instagrams, they can connect with fans and share a ridiculous amount of selfies, all without leaving their homes. In particular, Kim Kardashian is such a selfie queen that she has a book of her selfies called Selfish coming out (pun fully intended). Thus, it might come as a surprise that Kardashian actually isn't looking forward to the day that North West is old enough to get a Twitter of her own. In fact, Kardashian dreads North's first social media experience and it's for a very good reason.

"I feel really bad for my little sisters and I would really hate for the day my daughter has to get on social media [because] the comments, it’s like cyber bullying," Kardashian said at the Teen Choice Awards. "Sometimes they can be so negative — they can be really uplifting too — that’s why sometimes I need motivation to work out or ask for a different hair color, they can be super positive, but it does suck when they are negative."

Kardashian is right. It does "suck" when people are negative on the Internet and it's completely understandable that she wouldn't want her daughter to go through that before she's ready to let people's criticisms roll right off her. (Somehow, I have trouble visualizing the daughter of Kanye West struggling with self-esteem issues, but maybe that's just me.) However, we all know that North is going to become the next member of the Kardashian family to join Twitter and Instagram eventually. The real question is, what kind of tweets would North make?

Based on her life so far, here are the top 11 (fake) tweets from @noriwest.

1. everyone looked super pretty but i am soooo glad i didn't have to go to the TCAs too #playhard #napharder

2. @kimkardashian is upset because my selfies get more instagram likes but has she seen these cheeks? #donthatemebecauseimbeautiful #whoruntheworld #north

3. mommy thinks she needs to lose weight so let's get #kimyourebeautiful trending ASAP!!

4. jsyk i fully intend to christen the new house by taking a nap in every room. and taking a poop LOL #screwtoilettraining

5. nobody makes daddy laugh like i can. not even mommy :)

6. that adorable moment when you and your mom leave the house wearing the same outfit. on purpose. #toocutetohandle

7. my spinoff series keeping up with the north westians debuts on the 8th of never because mommy said no way :(

8. i've waited my whole life for someone to ask me who i'm wearing so i can be like "i woke up like this" (or chanel. depending on which is more accurate)

9. ain't no party like a kidchella party because a kidchella party is the BEST #thanksmommy

10. #asknori begins in about an hour. i had to rename it because people thought i was asking for directions :(

11. 1.5 million followers on my first day??? #selfietime

Image: The Ellen Show/YouTube; kimkardashian/Instagram