Remembering Robin Williams: 5 Heart-Warming Moments From 'Patch Adams' — VIDEOS

Robin Williams' powerful performances and portrayal of iconic characters remain some of the most memorable in pop culture history. Despite his passing on Monday, proof of his many talents as an actor and comedian live on in films like Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poet's Society, Aladdin, and The Birdcage. Robin Williams enjoyed a wildly successful career in film, stand-up comedy, television, and voice-over acting, and his presence in the entertainment community will surely be missed by his friends and colleagues. Though he wasn't reported to have been using drugs at the time of his death by apparent suicide, Williams struggled with substance abuse and addiction for much of his life, which he hints at in some of his early, much edgier stand up comedy.

Williams brought to life a diverse body of characters and personalities, one of which was Patch Adams, the lovable and goofy psychiatric patient-turned-medical-school-dropout who poses as a doctor so that he can provide laughter, comfort, and friendship to the sick and dying. A classic feel-good movie, Patch Adams captures one of the sweetest, most kid-friendly moments in Williams' acting career. If you feel like laughing (and crying, and both at the same time) check out the most heart-warming moments from the film:

This hilarious moment:

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This scene where Patch tells his psychiatrist he sucks:

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This touching moment when Patch Adams comforts a dying patient:

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And manages to make him laugh.

This powerful moment:

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"Excuse me Dr. Scholl, what wonderful foot pads!"

This super-cute scene:

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This adorable moment could defrost the coldest of hearts.