Where Can I Find Energy in London? This Kim Kardashian iPhone Game Tip Should Help

If you're still playing Kim Kardashian's iPhone game, (duh, who isn't?) you know that since the game's launch, Kim has added three new locations: Punta Mita, Mexico, Paris, France and most recently London, England. Along with the game's expansion is a whole new set of photo shoots, fashion shows, and appearances to attend — all of which require energy. But fortunately Kim's version of London offers its own sources of hidden lightning bolts, you just have to know where to look. So put on your best travel outfit because here's where to find energy in London.

Much like the other locations in the game, London has objects on the street that you can tap to get more rewards. Mostly they'll spit out dollars and points, but sometimes you also get those elusive, and important, lightning bolts. The game basically runs on those things so knowing extra spots to find them can help you finish photo shoots faster and boost your game status.

It does cost $65 to fly to London, but the place has a whopping four locations where you can find energy. Sounds pretty worth it, if you ask me. And since I don't want you to waste your precious time tapping every object you come across, I've located the exact energy dispensing spots for you.


Punta Mita has seagulls, but London is home to a very rewarding pigeon. Located just to the right of your avatar, it could be your new cash cow. Or bucks bird. Or something.


No trip to London is complete without seeing one of those famous red phone booths. But your sightseeing trip will be worth double if you tap it and gain some energy.


Casually leaning on the gate to the apartment is this hidden energy source.


You have to pay to access the fourth energy location. If you buy the flat for $8,000 and then you buy the bulldog puppy for 50 K stars, it will also reward you with energy. It's guaranteed to spit out at least one lightning bolt, but takes a few hours to recharge. To some that might not be worth it, but just check out how adorable he is.

So safe travels and happy hunting! Here's hoping you use your new lightning bolts to beat Willow Pape in a dance contest or whatever.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (5)