How to Finish a Photo Shoot Faster

It can be agonizing to try to finish a photo shoot in Kim Kardashian's game, especially the lengthier eight-hour ones. But fortunately, there are some easy ways to finish photo shoots faster in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This is important because the faster you finish an event, the sooner you can move onto a new one, and the more quickly you climb the ladder to A-lister.

An hour, three-hour, even an eight-hour shoot doesn't have to take an actual eight hours to complete. And no, I'm not just advising you spend some real money to replenish your energy bar. After all, why fork over your cash when you can finish faster for free? Besides, buying energy isn't the only way you can cut down on photo shoot time.

You know that you need to rack up more energy to complete your assignment under the deadline, but you may not know that your outfit, timing, and more can also help you score five stars on the event in way less time.

So consider me your manager for the day and take these five tips into your next photo shoot, fashion show, or ad campaign. You won't be sorry when you find yourself on the other side of a job in hardly any time.


You have to fill five blue stars to finish any event, but you can cut that number down by one if your photographer likes your outfit. The best options to stick with is the clothing you have to buy with K stars, or a lot of cash. Of course, it can be difficult to spend your hard-earned K stars, but the same outfit can score you a bonus at multiple events, so consider it an investment piece.


If you start a new event when your energy bar is completely full, it will be over much faster than if you start with zero lightning bolts. So do an event first thing when you wake up after your energy has recharged all night.


Clicking the blue stars/dollars/yellow people points that you win when you complete an event task will drop the time it takes your energy to recharge. Plus you get double the money and points for every individual one you click on.


Use up all your energy and then take a trip around the Kim K. globe tapping on all the objects that can give you energy. One trip to every location can give you 13-17 lightning bolts and it only takes about five minutes to do instead of waiting an hour or two for the energy to recharge on its own.


The more lightning bolts it takes to complete tasks at events, the more blue stars you will be rewarded with. Here's a cheat sheet to how many points per task you receive so you can use your energy on only the best ones.

And there you have it, easy ways to finish a task quickly without paying any real cash. You're welcome.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (5)