Spoiler: Could She Save 'Big Brother's Zach Rance?

It's been a very eventful weekend in the Big Brother house. As broadcast viewers discovered, the Detonators made a plan to have Christine throw the Battle of the Block so they could vote Donny out, but Donny pulled a Frankie and won the Battle of the Block by himself, leaving Cody and Caleb up for eviction. The future of the Detonators began to rest on the fate of the Power of Veto competition. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers abound. I can't stress that enough. Frankie won the PoV and because Zach now knows that Frankie sits on a throne of lies it didn't take him long to suspect (accurately) that Frankie was planning to backdoor him. But Ariana Grande might be coming to Zach's rescue in a pretty epic way.

Grande has been a Zankie shipper since day one and has even given Zach her sisterly seal of approval to date her brother. That might be complicated by the fact that Zach tried to launch the Zariana showmance without ever having met her, but, hey, we all know how much Zach just loves Grande siblings. So how might Ariana Grande save Zach from eviction? Through something called the #RenomRule, which was trending on Twitter Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Basically, Frankie went to Zach and told him upfront that he was going to be put on the block to be voted out on Thursday. Zach took it pretty well, all things considered, but Big Brother fans (aka Zach fans) were quick to point out that this violates the Renom Rule and that production should tell Frankie that he now has to choose someone other than Zach to go up and get evicted.

However, the Renom Rule is so obscure that this would be the first time in season 16 that any of the Big Brother producers were actually bothering to enforce it. On the other hand, well, it wouldn't be the first time that the producers blatantly rigged a competition. A lot of Big Brother fans believe Frankie's Battle of the Block was rigged to enable him to win it on his own and stay in the house. If they can rig things in Frankie's favor, then why not rig it in Zach's favor? After all, Zach is one of the most popular house guests among the viewing audience.

Even Ariana Grande jumped on the #RenomRule campaign, further increasing the chance that the Big Brother producers will see it and know what the fans want. In fact, she suspects that Frankie might have done this on purpose to manipulate the producers into "forcing" him to nominate someone other than who the house has agreed on. Someone who isn't, you know, Zach.

However, as BB Feedsters points out, "If Frankie purposely told Zach for the #RenomRule, he's (should) still be in trouble. Using production as strategy is a big no no." So was taking advantage of the Renom Rule Frankie's plan all along? Will Ariana Grande's publicity bump of the #RenomRule campaign make it to the producers in time to save Zach from going up on the block? Only time will tell at this point, but the fans aren't giving up on Zach without a fight.