Are J. Lo & Casper Smart Back Together Again?

Are J. Lo and Casper Smart back together? No one knows for sure, but Lopez dodging the camera in these photos with Smart can only mean a couple of things. Either they are totally a couple again (c'mon, who lets an ex drive their car?) or she was afraid the picture would be shot from a bad angle. But if she really didn't want to be photographed, she probably should've reconsidered dropping the top on that convertible. If this sounds like I'm just reaching for reasons for the formerly lovey-dovey pair to get that old thing back, it's because I am. Honestly, I wouldn't be mad at the prospect of a conscious recoupling between the two. Unlike some of Lopez's previous romantic partners, there are a few reasons she and Smart actually made a great couple.

1. The most obvious reason is Smart is a dancer. With J. Lo being an accomplished dancer herself, it makes sense for her to have a thing for dancers, which is probably one of the reasons why everyone speculated on a possible a love connection between Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

2. Anyway, back to Smart. A huge plus for any guy dating a mother is if he meets the kids' approval. If the little ones don't like him, he just might get the axe. Fortunately, J. Lo didn't have to worry about this issue with Smart and she even said he "was great" to her children.

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3. This next one is a biggie—Smart is friends with J. Lo's ex-husband, who's not just any ol' guy from her past, but he's the father of her children and the man she was married to for 10 years, technically speaking since they only recently finalized their divorce.

4. Lopez and Smart still on speaking terms and hanging out like best buds! J. Lo's been through her fair share of romantic ups and downs, and the same can't be said for a couple of Lopez's other exes. But the fact that she still socializes with Smart is a good sign that they just might rekindle their relationship.

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