Vanessa Morgan Spills on Bird's Love Life

The rest of this season of MTV's Finding Carter might have a lot of Carter and Crash's romance in store for us, but Carter's not the only girl on this show. Her sister Taylor and Max are a cute couple that are built to last, but will there be any romance for Bird, Carter's attention-seeking best friend? According to series star Vanessa Morgan, who plays Bird, we shouldn't expect her to be finding love any time soon. "I don’t really know if she’d ever lock it down with anybody," says Morgan in an interview with Bustle. "But who knows?"

Carter might have had no less than three of the four male leads interested in her at one point or the other, but she seems happy with Crash. Taylor, who has bounced between two guys of her own, is all about Max now. As for Bird, her entire romantic arc happened before the series even began — though we did get a hint of it in the Finding Carter episode "The Heat." Bird memorably spent the episode hanging out on Crash's lap and then dragged him into the closet for a bit of fun after clearing it with Carter first. Carter acted like she was all right with it, but that got really awkward, really fast.

"Bird and Crash used to hook up," Morgan reveals. Her co-star Kathryn Prescott said Bird and Crash had been a thing, but Morgan was happy to go even deeper into the dynamic that Carter's relationship with Crash has introduced to the group. "I think they were friends with benefits before Carter came. I think Bird always kind of liked Crash but never wanted more until Carter came," she says. "That’s why there’s a little bit of jealousy, like 'oh, you’re the girl who changed him.'"

When asked if there was anyone she would like to see Bird hook up with, Morgan mentioned that she had seen people pairing Bird with Ofie and Carter online. While many fans are hoping that Bird turns out to be bisexual, others believe that Carter gets enough romantic attention as it is. Bird and Crash may have been a thing in the past, but there don't seem to be too many people who want to see that pair reunite.

Now that Finding Carter has been renewed for a second season, Bird might finally get a love interest of her own. But who should it be?


On the one hand, they have a lot of history between them and they're clearly still attracted to one another. On the other hand, Crash is really into Carter right now and it'd be awkward for Bird to go out with him again if they break up.


Ofie and Bird were introduced together and he hasn't had much to do on the show besides be Gabe's wingman and make out with Taylor. However, if something hasn't happened between them already, I doubt anything will.


Though Gabe clearly needs someone to love after being rejected not only by Carter but also by Taylor, who had a crush on him for years before Max came to town, he is really, really creepy. Plus, does he still think he and Carter are "inevitable"?


Bird clearly cares about Carter more so than she does about anyone else (except maybe herself). But before you get your hopes up, both Kathryn Prescott and Vanessa Morgan have confirmed that Bird and Carter have trouble ahead that might make a friendship, let alone a relationship, impossible.

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